Problem with (Edge) Zigbee Switch driver update (2022-12-27T19:30:09)

I have migrated most of my devices to Edge. One of the first was Ikea ‘Tradfri wireless control outlet’ and it worked fine up until the morning of the 28th December.
On the morning of the 28th, and every morning since, we have awoken to find it switched on and in an offline state. There is nothing in the device history.
Reset and re-pair solves the problem each day, but I would rather it was not a daily ritual (actually on the 28th it happened a second time within an hour of re-pairing).

Have you tried using the 'ZigBee Switch Mc" driver to see if it helps.


My Zigbee Switch Edge driver is from 2022-12-06.
Not sure if it’s from the beta channel or the main channel.

My Tradfri outlets using it are still working OK.

:slight_smile: I have ‘ZigBee Switch Mc’ installed and ready to go.
I just thought I would do my bit and give SmartThings a
chance to benefit from the feedback.
It has just happened again (2nd time today).

Probably the beta channel as that is what I have and my Tradfri outlets are fine too.

The Zigbee Switch driver in the default/production channel had a number of fingerprints enabled a few days ago but the meat of it should be the same.

You would think the beta channel would have what the production channel has…

After switching on and going offline for the second time today (all before 9am) I re-paired and changed driver to ‘ZigBee Switch Mc’.
Within an hour it switched on and went offline again; so maybe not an edge driver problem???
I will give it a few more days (back on the standard ‘Zigbee Switch’ driver) before retiring my ‘Tradfri wireless control outlet’. Pity.

I reverted to the default Zigbee Switch driver two days ago and have had no problems with my Tradfri wireless control outlet since.

With my ‘Tradfri wireless control outlet’ going offline 2 to 3 times a day and needing to be re-set and re-discovered, I lost patience and retired it. I might try it again in 6 months.

Hi @jaidank

The stock edge drivers only perform the configuration of the devices in the pairing from scratch.

I would try to uninstall it with the app
I would delete the drivers you don’t want to use.
Put it in pairing mode and add device.

Device should be configured to send the periodic reports of the on-off attribute every 5 minutes so that it is not marked as offline.

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Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo
Having already deleted the Ikea, I re-paired it (via scan nearby) and it picked up your Edge driver directly.
Within minutes of being paired and switched off, it switched itself on (without being instructed) and was immediately offline.
That has been the behavior recently. I will just randomly turn itself on and be offline from that point.
When I tried to re-pair it again, it refused to go into pairing mode for a long time, then kept going into pairing mode without being reset.
In the words of Dr McCoy, “It’s worse than that, it’s dead Jim.”
Ikea Zigbee sockets have a nice price point; pity (this one is about 2 years old).
Cheers, Aidan