Ikea Tradfri Driver 10W


I have successfully connected my brand new ST 3.0 to a lot of mixed brands bulbs and dimmers. Everything works great, but I can’t pair the Ikea tradfri Driver 10W.
I have paired any Ikea Tradfri device, bulbs, dimmers, outlets, but these drivers are driving me nuts.

Tried with the ST Hub on top of the driver, with and without a reset, switching on, off, including procedures that involve the classic app. I have tried even switching off my WiFi.
The only thing I have not tried is to change the ZigBee channel, first because I do not understand how to do it, second because I have spent one day to connect everything and configure the way I need, so I would like to avoid resetting the ST.

The divers work well because I can pair them directly with the dimmer and work fine.
Everything is updated but I am out of luck.

Any suggestion?

What zigbee channel are you on?

Read this along and the mentioned topics too.

It might take a while the pairing. Try to move the driver and try the magic on/off when you keep one longer than the other.
People are complaining about channel 24, but there are some bulbs which do similar “hard to pair” thing too.

Not sure how to check which channel the hub is using.

Go to the IDE, Hubs menu point and in the table you will see your Zigbee radio and channel definition.

I have found that I am on channel 24.
I have few dimmer hidden in the walls, reconnecting them after a reset is going to be a pain, but I will give it a try.

When you reset the Hub, check what channel it gives. It should give randomly or the best with the least interference. So you might end up again with 24. Maybe you need to reset a few times.

Thanks, I will try this weekend and will report if it works or not.

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