Ikea Tradfri Driver 10W


I have successfully connected my brand new ST 3.0 to a lot of mixed brands bulbs and dimmers. Everything works great, but I can’t pair the Ikea tradfri Driver 10W.
I have paired any Ikea Tradfri device, bulbs, dimmers, outlets, but these drivers are driving me nuts.

Tried with the ST Hub on top of the driver, with and without a reset, switching on, off, including procedures that involve the classic app. I have tried even switching off my WiFi.
The only thing I have not tried is to change the ZigBee channel, first because I do not understand how to do it, second because I have spent one day to connect everything and configure the way I need, so I would like to avoid resetting the ST.

The divers work well because I can pair them directly with the dimmer and work fine.
Everything is updated but I am out of luck.

Any suggestion?

What zigbee channel are you on?

Read this along and the mentioned topics too.

It might take a while the pairing. Try to move the driver and try the magic on/off when you keep one longer than the other.
People are complaining about channel 24, but there are some bulbs which do similar “hard to pair” thing too.

Not sure how to check which channel the hub is using.

Go to the IDE, Hubs menu point and in the table you will see your Zigbee radio and channel definition.

I have found that I am on channel 24.
I have few dimmer hidden in the walls, reconnecting them after a reset is going to be a pain, but I will give it a try.

When you reset the Hub, check what channel it gives. It should give randomly or the best with the least interference. So you might end up again with 24. Maybe you need to reset a few times.

Thanks, I will try this weekend and will report if it works or not.

I had finally time to reset the Hub v3 and it selected automatically the channel 11.
I was able to add the Tradfri drivers without any problem; so it doesn’t like the channel 24.

Hi Anga,

Im very new to this so this might be a stupid question but im facing the same issue as you where the driver for the LED strip was not being recognized. I wanted to ask a couple of questions if thats ok

  1. When you reset the hub i’m assuming that I will need to re-pair all my devices to the hub but does it also unlink it from my account or does it stay linked?

  2. On the app, do you use the IKEA Tradfri Wireless driver option to search for the device?

  3. If possible, could you tell me if i just need to keep the reset button pressed on the driver and will it detect it automatically?

Thanks in advance. i have been pulling my hair out for the past couple of days trying to get it to work.

What channel is your Zigbee radio using?

Check it in the IDE.

Hi, thanks for replying.

It’s using channel 24.

  1. Yes, when you reset you have to re-pair all devices, I do not remember if it stay linked or not, in any case it is very fast to re-link it. I recommend to resent and before add any device, check if the channel is different than 24, if not reset again.

  2. Yes, I use the Tradfri Wireless Driver.

  3. Keep the rest button pushed until the lights bling 2 or 3 times fast and one last time after one or two seconds, setting maximum light intensity, it will link it few seconds after the last blink.

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Thanks a million!! i will try it out.

@pixter, I have found this old topic and comment what might explain the issue with the drivers, if they are ZLL devices.

So, you need a channel, preferably 11, 15, 20 or 25 after resetting the Hub. But if it is not on any of these channels you can still try to pair the driver, it might be only channel 24 what the driver doesn’t like.

I would really appreciate if you could confirm this theory in practice.

@GSzabados thanks for the reply. i am in the process of resetting the hub as i type. i will keep you posted as soon as i am able to get on another channel

ok, new problem. when i reset the hub, i unplug it, hold down the reset, plug it in, wait for the flashing yellow to turn solid yellow, release the reset button. But then, the light turns off for a while, then flashes blue and then turns solid green and stays there… i also may have deleted the hub from the smartthings app and now cant seem to get it into paring mode… HELP!!

Yeah, that is normal, I believe, you need to add the Hub again to ST.

@GSzabados yes but its stuck on the green light and not going into the flashing red/green so basically not going into the paring mode so the app can’t find it!

@pixter, try this:

yup it doesnt show up on my IDE cause i deleted it from my account…