Motion sensor tradfri type E1745

I bought the new IKEA E1745 TRADFRI motion sensor but unfortunately does not work with ST. can you help me? thank you

You can find Ikea Motion sensor DH on IDE list…

where is it?

and how can it be solved? who can create a Hundler device?

I have reported the problem of no motion recorded to the support mail address. Please do the same and reference my ticket number, 789876.

Any news from support?

I can’t even add the motion sensor anymore?
I’m holding the Link button for 10 seconds but ST (using new app) doesn’t link to it…
I’ve reset it but it still doesn’t work and I’ve tried with 2 different.

@Thyg0d, Press 5 times the pair button to reset the device and meanwhile start the pairing in the app. The red light will come on the motion sensor during the reset and pairing.

Suddenly they are not working with the v1 Hubs.


Thanks!! That did the trick…
How very strange the booklet coming with the sensor says 10 seconds as it’s obviously 5 presses that’s needed… and a lot of waiting… :smiley: Think it took a good minute or two before they popped in…

The booklet shows it for pairing to a Tradfri light bulb. You need to do the 10 seconds pairing if you pair it directly to a bulb.