Motion sensor tradfri type E1745

I bought the new IKEA E1745 TRADFRI motion sensor but unfortunately does not work with ST. can you help me? thank you

You can find Ikea Motion sensor DH on IDE list…

where is it?

and how can it be solved? who can create a Hundler device?

I have reported the problem of no motion recorded to the support mail address. Please do the same and reference my ticket number, 789876.

Any news from support?

I can’t even add the motion sensor anymore?
I’m holding the Link button for 10 seconds but ST (using new app) doesn’t link to it…
I’ve reset it but it still doesn’t work and I’ve tried with 2 different.

@Thyg0d, Press 5 times the pair button to reset the device and meanwhile start the pairing in the app. The red light will come on the motion sensor during the reset and pairing.

Suddenly they are not working with the v1 Hubs.


Thanks!! That did the trick…
How very strange the booklet coming with the sensor says 10 seconds as it’s obviously 5 presses that’s needed… and a lot of waiting… :smiley: Think it took a good minute or two before they popped in…

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The booklet shows it for pairing to a Tradfri light bulb. You need to do the 10 seconds pairing if you pair it directly to a bulb.

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I have added a Tradfri motion sensor to my V2, works fine for battery status and motion detection.

I want to use it in SmartThings Home Monitor (SHM), but it says there are no motion sensors.

Any idea? In WebCore I can use it.

Grtn Ben

Are you looking at the right place?

They show up for me…

Where can I find the screen of Yours?

I have motion sensors, doorswitches, smoke detectors and leak detectors.

The smoke & leak detectors are shown, but motion and door not.

Check for Intruders, Smoke & Co, Leaks

No motion sensors

Security (top menu) then select one option Armed Away or the other to set up.

Tnx, I found this page.

Set up Armed (away) de sensors

All motion sensors were there.
But still nothing shown at SMH summary.

When toggle off, then tap on the motion sensors, I get the list of 3 motion sensors.

Still no Security sensors

@benerkens, Now set your status to Armed Away and check the Security sensors again there…

No, don’t see any changes.

Need to check if Away is Armed Away. Looking for Armed Away, now it is Away…

No it doesn’t work , and it doesn’t work to trigger smartthings routines either
I mean yes I can see the sensor in Alexa but it doesn’t do anything if it detects motion , the routine never runs , but it doesn’t do anything in smartthings either it fails to trigger my routine 100% of the time, it detects motion only like 5% of the time now 99% of the time it fails to detect anything even after 30 minutes or more of constant motion

is there a custom DHT that actually makes this device work because this official one just sucks and it is totally useless and broken

This POS fails to detect anything 99% of the time even if you place it directly next to the hub and jump and up and down for 20 minutes flailing your arms.
it seems to trigger randomly but mostly never and even if I do manage to get it to detect motion it will fail to trigger any routines either in smartthings or in Alexa.
I think they need to pull this DTH and start over and make new one because this one is useless

EDIT: I also notice that the battery reporting is wonky too
it sometimes shows 80 then back to 100 then back to 80

yes sell your ST hub and migrate to hubitat, you’re welcome