Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor SmartThings Device Handler

at what address?


Just to clarify, what was the exact process followed to pair the device?

I pressed the pair button on the back 4 times quickly and search for a new device and it shows.

I have read that some have held the button down for 10 seconds and paired this way (interestingly, if you add the device through the new ST app it tells you to do this). If you have done this, does it then work?

I have the older 2 dial version. Paired by pressing and holding. Not sure Australia has the newer version yet.

I have the newer three button model. Tried holding for 10s earlier and did nothing, so guess the new ones require four quick presses to put in to pairing mode.

I was just curious if pairing a different way would result in it working as expected.

I’ve got exactly the same issue - E1745. Managed to pair (with 4 button presses), but no motion detected…

Did you get a reply? I’m also encountering that issue…

Please see the reply here, Ikea motion sensor

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Thanks for the tip!!! :grin:

I probably paired and deleted my IKEA E1745 eight times before it finally started working correctly! It was not detecting motion, and sometimes showed the battery as completely discharged. Is there a chance this will work more reliably in the future?