Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor: Request adjustments to published Device Handler

Hi All,

In 2016 I purchased a few Ikea Tradfri devices. A few bulbs, the dimmer, a motion sensor and the hub. Back then SmartThings did not have an official handler. The ones shared across the community weren’t that user friendly.

3 years later i’m trying the same thing again. I paired my bulb and immediately worked! I thought let’s try the Motion Sensor and also it instantly worked without any adjustments on my side.

Now I do wished it was possible to make some adjustment:

  • In previous handlers it was possible to get the lux readings from the motion sensor. Is it possible to get this in the published handler as well?
  • Is it possible to shorten the response time of “No Motion Detected”? It’s currently set to a minute and would rather have it change to status No Motion faster then a minute

I hope someone can help me out with this or should i file my request from SmartThings themselves?

Thank you for any assistance

If you’r requesting changes to the default ST provided device handler - then it should go in as a request to support@smartthings.com

The DH is available in the SmartThings Public Repo on github. You can fix it for yourself or even log an issue there or do request to change. But, the DH is for both the old and new hardware of the motion sensor (IKEA released a new hardware with the same product name, but different number.). It is a generic code to make both of them work the same way in the new and old app.
The no motion detection period is a hardcoded value in the devices to reduce the use of the battery. These motion sensors are sleepy devices. They preserv the battery by not sending messages to often. If you want quicker response time, then you can buy a SmartThings motion sensor which reports immediately. There are other products in the market which has immediate response time when motion stops.
The IKEA motion sensors are for turning on a light generally.

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Thank you Gabor for your information.

I found the public DH and i’m trying to add the lux ability to it but i’m not really that good at coding. I did some searching and found this on the SmartThings Capabilities Reference document.

I really wouldn’t know if this should be enough to get the illuminance reading. Do you think you could guide my in the right direction? By the way I have the older version of the motion sensor

“name: Illuminance Measurement
status: live
type: object
type: number
minimum: 0
maximum: 100000
type: string
- lux
default: lux
required: [“value”]
type: NUMBER
unit: lux
commands: {
public: true
id: illuminanceMeasurement
ocfResourceType: oic.r.sensor.illuminance
version: 1”

What you have found is the capability only. You need to add the code to the DH to understand the zigbee message from the device and decode it. Are you sure that the device is exposing the Illuminance measurement? That is one thing, you can define by the switch/button when to detect motion day/night, but that is another thing, that the device is sending a value or not.
You can look around for a custom DH which might already have code for what you are looking for and you can use it with the device. But I think it is not exposing Illuminance to zigbee messages. You can check what Zigbee clusters the device has, to see what functions are supported.

Can you point us to the custom DH what you were refering to in the OP?

I may have made a mistake here…

I was referring to Ikea motion sensor

The 4th reply shows a DH but now that I had to look it up again it seems like that the one mentioned is actually for the Hue Motion Sensor.

My bad!!! So if I got this correct… The button on the back is still leading, even though i didn’t put luminance settings through the SmartThings settings, the physical switch on the device trumps it?

The device, as I know, does not report luminance. It measures it for internal use, ie the functionality of the switch, but it is not sending it as a zigbee message.

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Got it, got it…

Thank you for your explanation. :sweat_smile:

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