Ikea Tradfri bulbs brightness issue

I successfully added 2 Ikea Tradfri bulbs to hub by 6 times on/off magic… (Without using Ikea hub)

But after adding them to Smartthings, their physical brightness lowers. In the app it is 100% but actually they are not.
They were much brighter when I first turned them on before adding them to hub.

To try, I uninstalled them and turned them on manually - they are bright. Add them to hub, a lot less bright…

Anyone has any idea?

What DTH are you using?

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Sorry, but what is DTH? :slight_smile:

DTH is the Device Type Handler. When you login to IDE at https://account.smartthings.com/ go to the Devices page, then select one of your Ikea bulbs and see what it says under “Type”.


Type -> ZLL RGB Bulb

Are you saying, if you turn the bulbs physically off at the wall switch and back on, their brightness is different from when you change brightness in the app down and back up to 100%?

Physically switching puts them back to default.

No, if I delete the bulb from smartthings hub and use it like a “not smart bulb”, it is bright.

When I smartize the bulb and add it to the hub, then it is not as bright as before. - Even it seems 100% bright in the app

The public code for that DTH is on github:

Near the bottom, it looks like some code to fiquire out the safe color range. Considering there is some rounding involved it is very possible the bulb is dimmer either by design or maybe a rounding error or firmware bug when attached to Smartthings.

You can try this DTH to see if the bulb performs as expected

This should get you rocking

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@Emre, does it change color as well? To something more warmer?