Ikea light in scene not dimming


I bought a few ikea trådlös leds to integrate with my smartthings hub v3 (without the ikea hub) . All worked flawlessly except for the 1000 lumen lamp with white spectrum control. This one can be dimmed and tone controlled manually from the smartthings app, but when put in a scene or automation the dimmer value is either ignored or even randomly set (most often to really low values: 10-ish %). Not sure what’s wrong! Anyone else had the same issue?

I would try resetting the bulb and joining it again to see if that helps. Did you verify in ide that the correct dth was assigned upon it joining the network?

I have noticed the same thing. Also with leds.

Edit: My resolution was to move them to my philips hue hub instead. And use the cloud2cloud integration in smartthings.

So then i interpret it as being a problem with ST rather than a malfunctioning led. Could there be something wrong with the standard DH for this model of led? I am not familiar enough with DH syntax to be able to tell…