IKEA trådfri RGB in Smartthings through Hue gateway

Hello, new user, first time poster.

I´ve been migrating my philips hue gateway-driven IKEA bulb system into SmartThings because the automatisation is much more usable in the ST app then the Hue app.

Everything works fine except the Ikea RGB bulbs. I cannot get it to change color at all. Ive tried the custom device handlers ive found (2) and it just wont change color. Dim and on/off works fine, and, all the other lights that are warm to cold white can change color.

Does anyone know why i cannot change color and how to fix it? ive tried most of the device handlers and none seem to work.

I would consider resetting your Ikea bulbs and joining them directly to your ST hub. That’s the only way actually changing the DTH will work aaaand you will get the added benefit of the Ikea bulbs improving your zigbee mesh. Unlike Hue bulbs, Ikeas make for pretty good repeaters (as long as no one turns off the power to the bulb).

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sadly i dont have a ST hub, only ikea and philips.