Cannot get Ikea 400lm thin light bulb to pair with smart things (have connected may other Ikea bulbs)

I have around 40 different Ikea bulbs connected to the Smart Things hub. Went to Ikea yesterday and picked up a few new ones, specifically 10 of these to be used for christmas lights.

Model identifier: LED1649CS

The problem is I cant get any of these to pair. None of them show up in the list when trying to add things, even after resetting each of the 10 lights 3-4 times while being right next to the hub.

I can see nothing in the Live logging tab.

I have this device handler installed through the dev portal.

What is also interesting is that on the bulbs that work there is a Zigbee logo on the box, while on these light bulbs there is no Zigbee logo. I just assumed that all Ikea bulbs used the same or similar protocol enough to work.

Any ideas on what I can do to add these. Anyone else get them to work?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

If they work with the Ikea Tradfri gateway and remotes, they should be using zigbee.

Have you seen the following thread? It might help.

Terrible time Resetting Ikea TRĂ…DFRI bulb to pair it

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I’ve tried all that they talk about.
Reset light, get the flicker after 6 on/offs. Not visible.
Reset a couple more times, no difference.
Restart hub, retry reset. No difference.
The whole time I have the lights on top of the hub, physically touching it.
All other Ikea lights I’ve added have been visible after 1 or 2 resets (with the flicker).

Solved it. It is just a matter of the Tradfri things being unreliable.

23 resets later the bulb showed up, each one with the 6 on off’s and the blink on the 6th. I counted. Yes 23. I plugged and unplugged that light 138 times.

Just another 9 bulbs to go.


Yep, you went through the process before I logged back in here. :slight_smile:

I have 3 of those (I think) exact model lights. It was indeed a PITA to get them recognized. Like you it took several tries of the 6-on-off cycles. One thing I noted is that you have to be patient with the app. It can take a couple of minutes to see the light come up; I think some of my “failed” join attempts was just being inpatient.

FYI, my bulbs are linking–and joined–through a Tradfri plug as repeater and no Tradfri hub. Once joined they have been solid.

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Ah, I did not know you could hold the light next to another trĂĄdfri unit and join in that way instead of with the hub itself.

:laughing: In my case, not held next to each other. I actually had to get the plug joined first because the fixture for the lights is halfway across the house from the hub, so needed the repeater hop. First plug joined (about 20-25 feet from hub), then joined the bulbs via the plug (about 16-20 from the plug–vertically).