Ikea devices not working correctly? (24 October 2019)

Hello everybody,
I’m trying to use some Ikea devices with smartthings but on all of them I’ve some problems :frowning:!
To pair them I have to use the New Smartthings App (not the Classic one).

  • Ikea Tradfri 5 button remote:
    I noticed that it is recognized out of the box, just need to pair it with the standard procedure for Ikea devices (hold a button on the back of the device). Once paired I can click on it to assign the actions to all the buttons both for press and hold. Strangely, when I assign the Top Button, also the Bottom Button is given the same assignment! And vice-versa, when assigning the Bottom Button also the Top one changes. Seems the Top and Bottom buttons are not recognized as different buttons but as one by the UI for the assignment of the actions.
    If I use the Classic App the button is not even paired and when I pair with the New App, entering the configuration UI I cannot assign any button…
    A second, minor, problem is that after configuring all actions for the buttons, exit and reentering the UI makes it lose the configuration. I mean it still works, but the UI does not show how the buttons are configured.

  • Ikea dimmer
    To use that I resort to the DTH I found “andrews.k : IKEA Dimmer”. It works! I can pair it but then I cannot configure the actions to perform… in the configuration UI, I just see the sliders etc but there no way to assign the bulbs to control or other actions. I guess I’ve to use a Spart App but I cannot install them due to a strange crash of the Classic App (I wrote a post on that too :frowning:).

Fortunately, the bulbs are working great and I’m using a custom DTH.

You can use Smart Lighting to configure both 5 button and the dimmer. (Smart Lighting is available in the new app too.)

You can mirror with Smart Lighting the dimmer switch to control lights as I am aware of it.

Or you can use ABC Advanced Button Controller SmartApp for the 5 button remote to control many things.

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Tnx, how to I install it?
I know I can install via web portal, but then how to I “bind” the smartapp to the device?

I’m asking because I knew that with the Classic App I can add a Smart App and then use it, but as you can see here:

The classic app crashes when I try to do it.

So is there a way I can use it?

You might be having issues due to the yesterday’s incident. Check the status page for details.

Anyhow, new app, top left hamburger menu, automations ( or something like that, I use it with my language and not English as default) It is the fourth menu below your location’s name, probably Home. The + icon on the right top, then Smart Lighting. Or you cam define a custom by the blue button in the middle bottom.

For the US shrad, contact support directly.

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Tnx for the reply.
I’m having this trouble since 3-4 days :frowning:

Anyway in the New App I found Automation but there’s no top/right plus icon, only the middle blue button at the bottom.

I’ll go for the support and see.
Thank you for any additional hints you may give.

I sorted it out.
The whole problem was that the lcoation was set in US instead of UK (as my hub is UK).
I created a new location int eh Uk and now MArketplace, SmartApp are working and also the + icon on the Automation is there!
The Ikea 5 button remote seems to have problems with the configuraiton UI, but using ABC SmartApp is works very well. It’s incompatible with the Smart Lignting Smartapp, though!

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