IKEA Tradfri 5 button remote working but smart lighting app not reliable

Hey all,
I bought two of these dellas today and they both immediately paired up immediately after I inserted the battery. I added no DH or anything so seems to be recognised natively.
Pressing or holding any of the buttons reports in the app immeditely under the device recent tab so all seems to be working perfectly.

If I use the Lighting Automation smart app to try to switch various things on/off they seem to not work at all for the most part. One I added does work somehow!.

Any clues?

Some suggested ABC SmartApp, (Advanced button controller). Search for it and try it.

Otherwise, I think you might chose the “toggle” option in the Smart Lighting app. It saves the last state and does everything according that. So if you changed the light other way, then it would put into that state first. Press it another time and it would do the right thing.

Thanks, I’ll try that app.

VERY weirdly, the actions all started working (at different times) over the last week.
I made no changes!!