Ikea 5 button Remote

Hi there,
I recently bought a ikea 5 button remote, Im having some issues with it.

It pairs just fine, in old app it shows just battery and in the new app it displays all 5 buttons but only Down and middle button has “blue text” to assign actions to. If I assign to middle button, the same action is assigned to the down button aswell.
I dont have any DH handler installed for this, thought this was supported out of the box. Pretty sure I read about this somewhere but cant find it now.
It does see the individual presses and held action I just cant assign anything to them.

Am i missing some steps or what could the problem be?
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Maybe here?

Or here

Use Smart Lighting to assigne actions, or ABC Advanced Button Controller SmartApp. The action definition in the new app is flaky and always have some problem. Maybe it will work when it will get a fix in the mext release or the cloud side is fixed. The DH works well.

Thanks for the recommendation about the smartapp, tried both. Button Controller doesnt seem to register the middle button at all and the smart lightning app doesnt have a middle button held option

Other than that it seems to work okay.
Is the ikea remote control in need of a update? Do I need to buy a ikea hub?

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The middle held is not working at all. Don’t expect it. It is due to the way how the button was designed/working in the IKEA environment.

If some presses are not registered, then delete the button completely and add it again. Might solve your issue.