Smartthings Classic App craches when adding SmartApp

Hi all,
In SmartThigns Classic App for Androis (Huawei device), I go on the SmartApp screen and if I press Add SmartApp, the app crashes and closes. In the marketplace I see nothing… the list is empty.
Also I noticed that if I press “Add Manually” while adding a Thing, the app crashes but instead of closing it goes back to the My Home page on the My Things tab.

Those crashes are preventing me from using any SmartApp which I need :slight_smile: .
I tried to install and publish some SmartApp (ABC SmartApp) from the web portal but I cannot see them in the Classic App.

My hub is new and is from UK, while when I log in SmartThings with a Samsung account, I’m directed to which seems to be in US East.

Hub info:
Firmware Version is 000.027.00009
Hardware Version is hub v2, UK customer

I red that I should try to change the region of the Hub, so I reset it, but to be reconfigured it just asks a code from the hardware box and does not prompt me a country choise. After I reinstall it all was the same as before the reset…

Anyone that had the same problems can help?

Hi @Stefano_Liboni,

You could install the Samsung Internet App

Let us know if it helps.

I sorted it out. The problem was the HUB is Uk and my Location was in US. I created a new Location in UK and all is working now: SmartApp can be installed and are there!

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