Ikea dimmer ( new )


How do you add this Ikea dimmer ??

I am running Samsung Smartthings Hub V3 and the new Smartthings app.
When I try to add IKEA device, after selecting “Add device”, I select IKEA, but can only select Bulbs, Plugs and Motion Sensors for the next step.

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I believe this is the button from the socket kit. And you should use the Bulbs/Remote (wireless controller) option in the new app.

It will be paired like a button, press and push for each side. It will not work probably as a dimmer in Smartthings. Only if you add a smartapp behind it to do dimming by press and full brightness by push.

@prjct92eh2, Jimmy, have you got experience with this device?

I do not. Like you said, though, it should work since the fingerprint is in the standard DTH.

Which IKEA dimmer have you used in your video? Could you put here a reference? Was that working well with Smartthings?

Is Bulbs/Remote same as Remote/Button located under the SmartThings menu?

I have two.

The dimmer remote, which is the spinny remote. In SmartThings is shows as a simmer switch. So using Smart Lighting mirror is best for it IMO.

Then the 5 button remote, which shows as a button controller.

In the new app, add device, brand IKEA, bulb icon (lighting), IKEA Tradfri driver for wireless control.

It uses the same DH as the 5 button remote, called “Ikea Remote”. Give it a try and if something is not working just give a shout.

Otherwise you might be better with the round dimmer, what @prjct92eh2 posted above, if you want to use it as a dimmer.

I’ve just realized what you exactly asked. I haven’t seen the new setup of the app at that time. Or my app wasn’t updated. No idea. But now I see the Button/Remote. But the Lighting still has the driver for wireless remote. I used that one. :smile:

Hi, now I see it also, good timing.

I am newbie at this so apologize for stupid questions.
I’ve added this Ikea two button remote.

If I click on the device in the device list ( new app ) I get the options to

  • select upper button
  • lower button ( or similar )

For each selected “button” part I can select on clicked or pressed.
For each of those selections I have the to set a action on a device.

So, to my question/problem.

  • All this programming on the device, don’t affect any device ?? Cant do anything. The only way is to set up a automation i.e, “upper button clicked” -> light on.
    So, why bother with this meny.

  • How do you catch the “upper button pressed” event and let the bulb increase light ???

  • I’ve used the driver first level down below IKEA/remote-button. Is this same driver as the one located under IKEA/Bulb/xxxx

I understand your frustration. You are using the New Smartthings App and not the Classic App. The so called “new” App is the future with plenty steps backward and full of bugs, what turns up time to time and makes people’s life miserable.

So you paired the device. And you can do press and hold for both buttons. That gives 4 options to do things. As Smartthings allows you to interface different devices it gives you the optuon to define your actions for those options. It can be lights, scene activation, turning up the heating on your thermostats or opening blinds, anything. Sounds good? But you want the feature how IKEA sells it. To brighten the light.
Version A, you can pair it directly to up to 10 Tradfri bulbs according to IKEA’s description. Then you can use the basic features, turn on/off for press, brighten/dim for hold. And you don’t need to define any action in the Apps. If you do the pairing correctly then you need to hold the button on the back for 10 seconds close to the Tradfri bulb you want to pair. Then you are finished. Your remote will do the work. But I guess you want to control other lights than Tradfri ones. I have a Hue system and LIFX bulbs too. You cannot pair with them. Here comes in Smartthings solution to control anything.
Version B, the disappointing thing, as out of the box you cannot just increase brightness. You can set by actions preset brightness or color etc, but you cannot increase by 5%. Here comes in the Classic App. In the Classic app and through the ide you can install the SmartApp called ABC, advanced button controller which has a lot of good features and one of them is to brighten or dim by x %. When you press you can set 5 % and if you press again and again then it changes by that percent step by step. Not as good as IKEA’s direct control but does the job.
Version C, other methods like WebCoRE or Sharptools.io, you can define your desired action through does rule engines.

I hope you can find a solution what you will like.


Thankful for your explanation. I understand the eco system around SmartThings better now.
Is it possible to use classic app in parallell with the new app?

Yes, of course. Almost everybody does the same as the new app lacks a lot of feature still.

What happened ???
After some help in this thread, I had absolutly no problems pairing IKEA remotes…
So I went to IKEA and purchased a couple more …

No luck at all pairing them, have something changed, somewhere ???

Honestly, I have no idea. Just out of luck, have you changed the name of the previous device?

Could you check your IDE’s live log when pairing?

@BroderickCarlin, please excuse me bothering you again, but is there any cloud side change what might effect the pairing of these devices?

Yes, I’ve changed name of already added devices…

That was just a blind guess. I am not sure that would be the issue, just to rule out.

It is quite odd, that the same pairing with the 4 press reset is not working. Hopefully someone from development can have a look and check that the cloud side is working properly. A few weeks ago there was an issue, when people were unable to pair the 5 button remotes.

This is my log. To my best knowledge it seems okay out.

Can it be that IKEA have made some changes, ?? Another reset procedure ??

I doubt that. Can you swap the battery to a new one? But my best guess something might be on the cloud side.

Already swapped battery, and tried with 3 different units.

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