Can I Use Ikea Tradfri 5 Button Remote Control with SmartThings?

I have searched and can’t find out if the tradfri 5 button remote control will pair with SmartThings and the tradfri bulbs. I know the bulbs will pair and have seen that I could use the tradfri app and gateway. But I want everything to be in SmartThings. Thanks in advance!


The button will pair with both Smartthings and the bulbs, but I could never get it to speak to ST properly.

It’s possible that a new firmware exists for the button remote, but I don’t have the IKEA hub with which to update it, so can’t test.

There were good instructions in the IKEA bulbs device handler thread.

see device handler

The README says “At this time the 5 button remote still will not work with SmartThings. I’m leaving this here in case IKEA decide to update the button firmware, but currently will only talk directly with the bulbs and not the hub.”

Just a quick update here… This remote will now work with smartthings! I had to…

  1. Use classic app to add the device
  2. Use the new app to update the device handler i think
    3 use webcore to assign tasks to the buttons.

The buttons seem to be numbered starting with 1 at the top, going clockwise round the outside and 5 in the middle.

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There is now an official integration with the new V3 app. It will work fine out of the box, and you do not need the classic app or any custom code. :sunglasses: See the discussion in the following thread.

Ikea Tradfri Wireless control outlet kit and button now working with SmartThings (July 2019)

Is there a way to do it with the classic app only? I still havent received the “upgrade” to the modern one.

I added a “thing” and it found the remote perfectly. But I dont seem to have any subdevices or options to use it.

Edit: Ok, it actually seems to work. Just out of curiosity, button 5 (the main big one in the middle) doesnt seem to support the hold function, just press?

The new app crashes when I try to assign actions to button presses. Also in the classic app it just shows a picture of a remote and doesn’t seem to register any presses. Can anyone help? TIA

I bought the wireless outlet( plug socket to me), and their 5 button controller today from IKEA in the UK.
Neither were found by scanning from the smartthings app on my phone. However they both now work easy peezy. Here’s how. The plug was easiest, just sel;ect it from the ADD devices, ( I’m v3 hub ), IKEA section. Push a paperclip up the hole on the bottom of the plug, ( don’t worry its also the method explained for their own hub). It connects and works immediately. For the 5 button controller it was a bit more fiddly, but easy. You need to select it in smatthings, then afet putting the supplied battery in, press 4 times quickly the link button inside next to the battery. First time it didnt work and I wasted a couple of hours trying other things. Then I just deleted it from smartthings and redid the process and it works fine, ( for the moment ?). All buttons and I can create an automation to switch the power outlet on and off. One Tip, when it wasnt working, their was NO indication of battery status, NOW it is working, the battery status is fine. I will continue my search for reliable inexpensive add ons to my HUB. Cheers