Ikea Bulb E27 1000 LM

I Have got the “thing” pair with smartthings. but when i try to change it from a thing to a zigbee bulb i just get a 403 error. se screendump.

I have no ide what im doning wrong here.

You need to use a custom device handler, then change it to “IKEA-Tradfri” and it will work a treat. I have about 7 bulbs setup in my environment.

Try logging into the IDE in a private browsing window or tab - eg if using Chrome an Incognito Window…

Edit: The 1000LM bulb will work fine with the standard ZLL Dimmer Bulb device handler, no need for a custom one, although you do have to change it manually.


no need for a custom handler. As @Aesgarth said, try using incognito mode in your browser.

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I have issue with pairing this particular IKEA bulb to SmartThings…

New purchased IKEA Tradfri Bulb E27 1000 LM, 12.5W, 603.384.52 / LED1623G12, a cheap one. I am able to pair it with IKEA Remote 5 button with no problems. I have SmartThings Hub v2, using classic app.

I have other IKEA bulbs working fine.

After putting the bulb to pair mode (6 times power cycle on/off), it goes to full brightness…
However I can not see it “as a Thing” in SmartThings (so I can not pair and change device handler / DTH…)

Any ideas how to pair this particular bulb to ST ?

If you have any Ikea custom device handlers, uninstall them and try again.

Do not see how that would help, anyhow I tried, and still the same way, not able to see it from my ST Hub while bulb in pairing mode…
Also, can you confirm your model / IKEA product number? tx

After lot of tries, etc. I have managed to pair my cheap IKEA Tradfri Bulb E27 1000 LM, 12.5W, 603.384.52 / LED1623G12 with SmartThings and IKEA Remote 5 button.

You need to power on/off BULB 6 times fast to go in pair mode.
Bulb was near (about 1m) to Smarthings hub (my v2).
At that time it was also possible to pair IKEA Remote 5 button with bulb (holding 10 seconds, on 1cm)

So it seems it works.