IKEA Trådfri


In relation to your queries, I have bother the £15 and the £8 GU10 ikea bulbs

1 - they work fine directly with ST hub. You do not need the IKEA hub. I have used both custom DH and recently move over to an inbuilt DH as it runs locally. As @JDRoberts likes to say, choice is good :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, just turn on /off the light 6 times.

  2. My understanding is you will need the IKEA hub , but the lights can only be associated with one hub at a time. I have had my lights for over a year and never upgraded their firmware.

  3. Yes work fine with ST.

  4. Like you i have had the GU10 bulbs extend from the socket. The cheaper £8 are light a regular GU10 halogen version. The £15 version does extend over so slighly , maybe 2cm, not a big issue but all depends.

In terms of difference, but versions dim and the more expensive one you can change the colour temperature , warm, cold white etc.


Thanks for answers, looks like he’s fine then. Just sometimes having the Ikea hub is handy to update firmware, even just to begin with. Winner if there has been any firmware and what is done/fixed/added if anything.

They are LED according to this link on the website. I don’t want halogen.

@R2D2 sorry minor typo there, I’m on a travelling bus using the phone, that was ment to read like a regular halogen bulb in size. Yes both versions are LEDs.

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Hey Jack_W, did you add bulb via SmartThings Classic?
I’ve added my Floalt lamp via SmartThings Classic using Edvald’s device handler and it works fine. However when I open the new app, interface is a bit broken, light temperature is being shown as 100K.
I wonder if it’s something in Device Handler that needs to be changed to support new app, or it’s just incompatible.

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Hi All,

I’m sure this question is becoming exhausting but…anyone manage to create a DH for the Ikea Motion Sensor?

and, is it common knowledge that Philips Hue lamps can be added to the motion sensors?


I am unable to get a IKEA bulb as a Thing in SmartThings…

New purchased IKEA Tradfri Bulb E27 1000 LM, 12.5W, 603.384.52 / LED1623G12, a cheap one

Moved to another thread…

Has anyone had trouble re pairing the Tradfri Dimmer (The puck shaped one that is magnetic and rotates), i was having issues with it do i removed it from the app and i cant get smartthings to find it again. i have tried pulling the battery, pushing the pair button 4 times, holding the pair button for 30+ secs, etc…

Yes. I never quite note down the exact sequence, but you seem to have to re-pair all the attached lights too.

I think it’s something like:

  1. Remove the dimmer and all the linked light
  2. Put SmartThings in Add mode
  3. Put lights in pairing mode, wait for SmartThings to see them
  4. Put dimmer in pairing mode, pair to the lights (flashes etc.) and wait for SmartThings to see them
  5. “Save” on SmartThings

You may need to swap 3 and 4 around and also try it multiple times.

I eventually got it working again.

I managed to connect TRÅDFRI bulb E27 WS opal 1000lm but it shows up as “Thing” so I cannot control it in anyway. Do I need to do something more to control it?

I managed to connect TRÅDFRI bulb E27 WS opal 1000lm but it shows up as “Thing” so I cannot control it in anyway. Do I need to do something more to control it?

Got it working by changing type to “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb”.

Can I somehow get this to light up when it gets power? Currently if I’ve shut it off from the app it won’t light up from the switch and I have to turn it on from the app everytime.

Most of, maybe all, IKEA Tradfri device is supported through the new Smartthings app. Add device, other manufacturer’s list, scroll down to IKEA and select Plug, Motion sensor or Lighting. The 5 button remote is under the Lighting category.


Yeah, I got one bulb working like it should. Now still have issues on two other which just won’t reset no matter how I try. Tried the on-off six times like 50 times :smiley: Think I’ll take those and run by Ikea to ask them to reset those :smiley:

i have to reset bulb,
then no power to bulb,
then try to synk to ST some time later, mayby 1 hour ore more,

@Christian_Terp have you tried this?

no. but I will

Have you paired any other IKEA Bulbs before? I’ve found it a bit tricky to pair them.

Have you used the new app or the classic to do the pairing? The new one gives you the direct instructions. You need to reset the bulb when you are trying to add a new device to Smartthings. That is how it worked for me with any IKEA device. For the bulb, what I paired, I had to move it closer to the Hub to be able to pair. It didn’t pair at the location where I wanted to use it originally. I’ve had to try 4-5 times until I was able to pair.

Yes i have about 15 of them.

Strange - for some reasons i finally got the bulb to pair to the hub even if I didn’t do anything special.
The most stubborn bulb I ever have seen

If you use them already, then don’t worry about the repeater issue. You probably have a decent mesh network already with plenty repeaters. Non battery powered units, like your bulbs, are function as repeaters too.

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Has the 5 button remote been removed? I can’t find it under any IKEA lighting choices. I’m on android. All it gives me the choice to add is IKEA, IKEA led panels and ikea tradfri driver for wireless control.

It is the IKEA Tradfri Wireless driver as I remember.