STCT recognizing Ikea e26 as a thing. Unable to do anything


1st post here. I got this light bulb from Ikea: IKEA TRÅDFRI LED bulb E26 1000 lumen, warm white, which I’m trying to set up with a V3 Hub, but all I’m getting is something called Thing in the app. I can’t do anything with this thing (no switching, and no dimming ). It says it’s connected (even when the light bulb is unplugged) , but it never gets the status.

In the web graph, I can see this thing is the bulb, since I’m getting this info:

  • application: 11
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
  • model: TRADFRI bulb E26 W opal 1000lm
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

Any tips?

After reading a bit into device handlers, I read about using ZigBee Dimmer. I couldn’t find a way to do this from the new app, but I was able to do it from the IDE by changing the device type to ZigBee Dimmer.

I can now switch on/off, and dim the light (which doesn’t go all the way down though).

Now if anyone could confirm this is how this light bulbs are supposed to with ST in 2019, I’ll appreciate it.

It’s supposed to pair to the right Type automatically. Sounds like it’s working correct now, though.

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@BroderickCarlin, here is another IKEA bulb, which has paired only just as a Thing. And this one oddly on Smartthings’ Featured Products list.
Must be another missing zigbee fingerprint. Can you check it if you have some free time?


Thanks for the ping! Taking a look into this as this really should not be joining as a thing. Looks like something is up with the fingerprinting, as expected, so will make sure to get a fix out as soon as we can


You are welcome! :+1:

I have the same bulb, and having same problem here.

When you look at the dth sourecode here, there’s no fingerprint for E26 bulbs.

Please add as below.

fingerprint profileId: “C05E”, inClusters: “0000, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 0008, 0B05, 1000”, outClusters: “0005, 0019, 0020, 1000”, manufacturer: “IKEA of Sweden”, model: “TRADFRI bulb E26 W opal 1000lm”, deviceJoinName: “IKEA TRÅDFRI LED Bulb”

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There is an E26 opal without profileId: “C05E”,

Update: It is not a typo of the E26 and E27, it is just the brightest bulb standard in the World. All options should have an E26 and an E27 version in the DH as IKEA sells E26 bulbs in the US, meanwhile E27 bulbs around Europe. I have added the missing profileId and created a pull request.



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@iquix do you mean you joined the TRADFRI bulb E26 W opal 1000lm and it joined as a Thing? This fingerprint in the ZLL Dimmer Bulb DTH should have caused that device to join using the correct DTH fingerprint profileId: "C05E", deviceId: "0100", inClusters: "0006, 0008", deviceJoinName: "Generic Dimmable Light".

Yes. The ikea bulb joined as a thing. I had to manually change to zll dimmer bulb in smartthing ide.


  • application: 11
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
  • model: TRADFRI bulb E26 W opal 1000lm
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

Raw Description 01 C05E 0100 02 08 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0B05 1000 04 0005 0019 0020 1000

this is how it’s showed in smartthings ide

I retried pairing processs, and it showed up as generic dimmer light.

Sorry for posting without retry.

I worked with @iquix directly and I think we determined that the bulb joining as a Thing happened before the generic fingerprints were in place. Just in case, I merged the PR from @GSzabados to add the fingerprint for the device. Thanks for working with us on this you guys!


Hi everyonecan you lease help me, I’m new.
I would like to buy these ikea tradfri 60408483 1000 lm bulbs. Do they work properly with smarththings hub?
Can you turn-off completely? I have seen a video that showed the bulbs turned on at 3% with so much light
thank you

Can you post that video here? And yes, all IKEA bulbs are working with SmartThings. The RGB ones are not perfect regarding color control, but they are controllable and can be turned off.

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Hi and thanks for the reply
this is the video I meant:

Ok, I see. You are talking about two different things.

  1. Turning on and off works without any issue.

  2. That the bulbs at 3% are bright, that is only the product’s feature. It doesn’t depend on SmartThings. SmartThings just issues a zigbee command to the bulb to set level to 3%.

ok thanks!