IKEA 5 Button Remote - Event not working on held. And other weirdness

So I have a few buttons and most functions work. I have an interesting issue someone might be able to point me in the right direction on. Two of the buttons I have are apparently different hardware versions. So for this I have 4 light, 3 GU10 and 1 E26 1000lm 11W. They all work fine in the app. What Im doing is the following:

  • Middle Button
    ** Press
    *** Change switch status of 4 lights
  • Top Button
    ** Press
    *** All 4 lights to 100% brightness
    ** Held
    *** All 4 lights to 3100K and 100% brightness
  • Bottom Button
    ** Press
    *** All 4 lights to 40% brightness
    ** Held
    *** All 4 lights to 2700K and 40% brightness

The interesting part is that on button A everything works except the middle button. When I try to add the 4 lights I get a NETWORK ERROR in the app.

On button B, everything works except the top button. Only this time I have the actions set to do exactly as described above, I even see the button held event in the live log when I press it or hold it but it never changes the properties of the bulbs to get brighter or the color depending on press or hold.

What Im trying to find is if there is a way in the IDE to maybe copy/paste the function from one button to another maybe in order to get it to work? Or some other method possibly? Im new to the IDE as I just found out it even existed the other day. The app recognizes the bulbs and remotes without issue and like I said, I see the event of the button push but not the property change.

I’m have the same issues…Did you make any progress?

Actually yes, I meant to post what I did but just havent gotten back here yet. I deleted the button from my smart things, reset it by pressing the pair button 4 times and then re-pairing it to smartthings. It fixed both buttons and they both operate correctly now interestingly enough.