Identify a connected device in App

I am looking in the app and have an icon I cannot identify. How do I figure out what it is? It is something I purchased probably on a different ecosystem.

Named CV (I probably named it that) and has an icon similar to the SmartThings star but only 4 points. What is it?

i think the hub (or phone) added this in for me. I noticed it did that for my Galaxy earbuds.

What do you see when you open it?

I have that icon for my ST hub and Hue Bridge. I assume that icon could appear on other items.

You can also login to IDE and see if you can find it… check hubs and devices sections.

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Firmware 000.013.00013
Open License - looks to link back to an license

I have Nest Devices
I have Wyze devices on a hub. That is my suspect.

Could it be this “”. The firmware number matches.

No, but you are doing what I was. Tonight the Wyze hub is going offline.

It is interesting the app picking up compatible devices. One, the interface in a big improvement. Two, I have to get better at naming devices that i think will be stand alone.

Wyze doesn’t have a smartthings integration and has said that they don’t expect to have one in 2021, so I doubt if that’s it.

SmartThings can automatically discover some Wi-Fi devices, such as a hue bridge, but not very many. Most require that you activate the integration, if there is one, through the app. That’s in part because most our cloud to cloud integrations, even if they are on the same LAN they don’t communicate that way.

No harm in testing it, but it’s probably something else.

The new V3 app does pick up nearby Samsung devices, even, for example, your neighbor’s television, so that’s more often the problem. It won’t give you control over them, but it will tell you they are nearby.

I associate that with V1 hubs for some reason. Not sure why as I’ve never had one.

I think you may be correct. It was not Wyze. I have had Nest Protect for 7 years and Thermostat longer than that