Can the smartthings app show devices not connected to my WIFI?

Hi all. I was connect my TV to the smartthings app using the “find” option that required my WIFI, location, and bluetooth to be on too look for devices nearby.

However, I noticed that the app would show also some other devices that are not mine. I just wanted to be sure that it is possible that these devises could be of a neighbour or somethingm or does this mean that those devices I saw where connected in the same LAN as my phone (i.e. I have some “intruder” in my network)?

Thanks in advance

Yes, they could belong to a neighbor. This is true for devices using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to do the initial connection. This is why devices generally require a two-step process: one step from the app, and one step on the device itself. That way they don’t get automatically added to your account even if they are in range.