Unknown Z-Wave Device


When I look under “Things”, I see a “Z-Wave Device” among all my devices. I don’t know what that device is.
Is there a way I could tell?



Log into your IDE and check what device handler is attached to it and look in the info it should tell you in there.

Open a support ticket if you are unable to identify this device.

Thanks Steve. I’ll check into it!

Thanks Steveuk23, I’ll look into it!

Thanks Imosenko, I’ll look into it!

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Support is your best bet here, but I just wanted to mention that quite often an “unknown device” is an artifact left over from when a previous device either failed to pair completely during the initial try or was forcibly deleted. This could leave an entry in the network address table with no actual device associated with it. But support should be able to tell. :sunglasses:


Thanks JDRoberts!

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