Zigbee devices added to the SmartThings App are displayed as "Thing"

My Zigbee device has been certified as a SmartThings compatible device, but when I successfully add the Zigbee device to the SmartThings Hub, the SmartThings app displays the device as “Thing”. What is causing this?
Developer Workspace Project is ‘Evvr Hub’

The fingerprint of the device is not recognized by any device handler or edge driver.

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Why can’t the fingerprint of the device be recognized? Is there a problem with my device handler? Or is there a problem with the certification process?

Hey, @Madi

I remember that back in April you submitted a similar ticket because a compatible product of yours was joining with the "Thing" label.

So, is this the same device / fingerprint that is causing this issue?

Hi Erick,
Not the same device fingerprint, now it’s a new product, a new device fingerprint


Thanks for clearing that up!

Is this a new product that you plan to submit for certification?

If so and if it is possible, please share with me (via PM or build@smartthings.com) the fingerprint you’re about to submit?

Hi Erick,
Thank you very much for your support.
My new product(Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch) has submitted an application for certification in ‘Developer Workspace’ and has passed the certification.
I have sent the information about the new product to build@smartthings.com

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Thanks for following up, @Madi

I’ll track your ticket right away!

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Hi Erick,
Thank you very much for your support!
Today I added a product(Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch) using the SmartThings App. The App is displayed normally. After the device is successfully added to the SmartThings Hub, the App can display the product name correctly.

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Hi, @Madi

Awesome! Thank you for keeping us updated. I’ll notify our catalog team right away!