Can't find Hue Connect Smart App

I renamed some of my hue lights. SmartThings refused to pick up the new names so I had to delete the associated smart apps for all my lights, delete the lights from things and then deleted the Hue Smart App itself which integrates with the ST Hub. The last step was perhaps a mistake because now I can’t find the smart app anymore.

I expected to find it in Marketplace->Lights & Switches but it’s not there.

Didn’t the market place used to have a search feature? I can’t seem to figure out how to search for smart apps anymore.

Can anyone tell me where the hue integration app is now ?
Is there a way to figure this out myself…?

Hues bulbs are things not apps.
It is under Things SmartThings Labs , You can also Things, Lightbulbs and scroll down until you find Hues.

I am not trying to add hue bulbs as things. I am trying to interact with the hue bridge. I have read threads that suggest adding hue bulbs individually is buggy and that using the bridge is better. I had just deleted the Smart App which did this by letting you select which items from the hue bridge you wanted to control so I know it existed at some point. Is it no longer supported?

It was called Hue Connect.

UPDATE: I was contacted by support stating the same that you have to add as a thing. The weird part in my opinion about that is you have to select which type of bulb you are adding. Well I have 4 different types and I really want my hub discovered not just a specific bulb.

So I added one of my bulb types and pressed the button on the hub. The hub was discovered and I selected it. Then I clicked next. This took me to a screen which told me to press the button…that was already done. That screen just scans forever. I finally gave up and clicked Done. This took me back to the hub selection page (not expected) clicking next just takes you back to searching… Stuck in this infinite loop so I had to force quit the app to gain access to the main screens again.

Anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?

Hue Connect Will be added automatically to your account when you add a hue bridge.

So if you manage to force delete Hue connect, my guess is that you will have to remove the hue bridge as well and then start all over by adding the hue bridge. Once the bridge has been found and added, Hue connect will be added back to your account and then you can add your individual bulbs.

However, from a UI standpoint, if you ask to add a Hue bulb in the marketplace, the first thing it will do is look to see if you already have a Hue bridge on your account. If not, it will prompt you to add the Hue bridge at that point. So it’s fine to start from the bulb.

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How do I remove the Hue Bridge ? It’s not listed in the app, it’s no present in the IDE as a device or a smartapp. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Looks like I am not the only one with this issue. Yet another annoying bug with ST. I seem to run into them every time I make any changes to my hub. :sob:

Hi, I’m not trying to be controversial but could it possibly be the way you tackled the issue that has caused the problem.
It might be worth contacting support to see if there is something still set in software that they can ‘poke’ to make sure that there is no association left that may be causing your issue.
I’ve no idea but its just a thought. Can’t hurt to ask.

That particular thread has the screenshots for the method we’re discussing, and you’ll notice that the OP says that it did fix the problem for him.

The point is that when you go to add a Hue bulb through the SmartThings mobile app, it will check to see if you have the hue bridge already added to your account, and if not, it will walk you through the steps to add it. And that process will automatically add the Hue connect smart app.

So I would just follow the steps in that thread and see if that gets things fixed for you. The method is there, it’s just not very intuitive that the way to get the smartapp is to add a bulb, because the bulb is going to prompt you to add the bridge, and adding the bridge is going to automatically add the smart app.

If those steps don’t fix it for you, just contact support and tell them you’re having trouble getting your hue bridge added and they should be able to help.

I did open support ticket…I have been following the steps but it kept failing to discover the bulbs. The hub is found and it gets to the bulb add step.

Since you guys say it should work I tried 4 times using same process and on 4th attempt it found the bulbs. I didn’t do anything different.

So anyone else having this issue I recommend you just keep trying and hopefully it eventually works.

Thanks for the help as usual guys !

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What you " did different" is allow the time for ST to actually populate the bulbs from Hue bridge. It is not " instantaneous" it can take ST a while to actually find all the bulbs on your Hue bridge before it will show them in the app for ST discovery.

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@RLDreams sorry but you are incorrect. I waited VERY long every time. Why do people insist I caused the problem. Don’t believe me, try deleting your hub and adding it back again a few times and see how your experience goes. How do we ever improve a system if all reports about poor user experience are ignored and blamed on the user. I am a software developer with 30 years+ experience not a newbie user. Trust me this wasn’t working smoothly and has room for improvement. I have added hue to my HASS hub and it went extremely smoothly, adding hue to my Amazon echo smooth as butter, adding to ST was a fight!

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How did you take my saying that it takes a while for ST to populate Hue bridge & devices as a personal attack on your character & blaming you for the delay ?
From now on instead of confirming your issue & that there is a delay in adding Hue devices, explaining to you that Hue devices are things & not apps I’ll just let you bang your head on the wall moan & complain about how much the system lacks & how everything else is better.
Have a great day

Where did I say you attacked my character ?

I am pretty sure your last post was an attack. I don’t mean to attack you just point out that assuming I made a mistake of now waiting wasn’t a fair comment. When I point out that other systems are better I am trying to improve Smart Things. It is still the most complete Home automation system on the market but do you really think it is perfect and has no room for improvement based on user feedback. I am honest with my opinion about my experience with Smart Things. I see no point in just accepting it’s flaws and saying it’s a wonderful system.

My problem with your original post was that you didn’t say “Perhaps the difference is you waited longer” you instead make a statement of implied fact that

I hope that makes it clear why I was put off by your comment. You really didn’t have the facts to make that statement.

There are lots of great folks in this community and I post my issue because I always find these great folks always help me find my problem. Someone else having the same issue can find this thread and know they may need to try several times before this link will work. That helps users and perhaps the developers can see the post and figure out what the issue is. I have also sent this issue into support desk but they have not replied.

@RLDreams I hold no ill will toward you for your comment. I hope you can do the same regarding my feedback.


I have the same issue.
I updated the names on a few of my Hue bulbs via Philips Hue Hub, but Smartthings won’t update the device names. Smartthings happily picked up these bulbs when they were first paired with the Philips Hub though.There’s no longer a Connect app, and searching for devices finds and updates nothing.

I have contacted support, their answer? Update the device name manually in the Smartthings App!

So i removed one of the Hue bulbs from the smartthings app and attempted to re-add but now i can’t add the bulb back.

If you read the thread the solution is there. It’s weird but to add the “Hue Connect” smart app you add a thing not an app. “Add Thing”->Add Manual->Light Bulbs->Philips->{select one of the bulbs you have connected to your hub" This will find the hub and add the hue connect smart app back into your list of smart apps.

Not intuitive at all!

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Actually if you were new to ST and wanted to add your Hue bulbs, under bulbs is exactly where you would look. You are adding devices not apps.

Sorry but since you are telling me I am wrong I feel the need to disagree. I feel this is the problem with designers and developers today. Why insist that the current way is correct when there are two people in this thread that had the same issue. Saying it is not intuitive is feedback to help improve the product. It would be easy to just add the ability to install the “Hue Connect” in smart apps. The Harmony Connect is in smart apps. So when I waned to connect a second similar device I expected to find it in the same place. The other issue here is that the removed the search feature. They used to have search in both apps and things, why did they remove that? When I am looking for a smart app I have to drill down into various categories and hope that my logic about where a smart app belongs is the same as the developer that added it to the list. When I was looking for the smart app to report that my Garage door was left open. I looked in the security section and could not find it. When I asked the community where it was I was told it was under energy saving. Living in Hawaii it never occurred to me that an open garage is a energy issue as opposed to a security issue. I provided feedback to support about both issues, 1-lack of search 2-open door smart app in location that I didn’t expect. Neither issue has ever been addressed because nobody cares to listen to the customers.

So since the beginning of time people have complained about having to install a ____ connect app before installing devices. ST listened and now the associated _____ connect app installs itself when you attempt to add a device that requires one. Here we are complaining that you want the two step installation process back.
So what I’m hearing is that people just need to complain about things and that it doesn’t matter what happens you will complain that it’s wrong.

@RLDreams OK you win. I am wrong, other confused by this are wrong. The search feature isn’t helpful. No feedback is necessary for the mobil app because it is apparently perfect. Thanks for putting me straight.

I have come here because the ST lighting automations are very flaky when trying to control a number of hue bulbs together. I have them setup as rooms in the hue app and I can control them faultlessly. I want to access my hue rooms in ST but although i can add individual lights, i can’t add the rooms. also i have no hue connect smartapp despite deleting my bridge and readding it. What am I doing wrong? At the moment automations suck and I’m very disappointed with ST.

There is no Hue connect app needed any longer. Simply open ST , go to things tap , click the + to add new devices. At the bottom you will see a link to manually add devices like Hue . Simply click bulbs & scroll down to Philips
As far as importing Hue rooms, I don’t remember that ever being an option. ST rooms are completely separate from rooms set up in other apps.