Ide issues this morning

I woke up this morning to find one of my Aeon Smart Switches reporting strange readings. I looked into the issue in the ide and the custom code I had written was replaced with the standard device code when I inspected the code.

The strange part is my custom name was still present until I clicked save and then it created another device type with the out of the box name and author.

So I removed smart apps from the smart switch, removed the switch (excluded) and deleted the code. Trying to delete to code generated errors (sorry didn’t save them because I am so used to errors from ST)

I was finally able to remove the device handler code.

I then used github to restore my device handler code. But this is acting really strange.

When i open the device code I get two pop-up warnings that the code was changed but not yet saved. Obviously this isn’t possible so I have no clue what state the code is in.

I tried creating a new device handler by cut/paste the code from github and renaming. This device also presents the unsaved changes message when I open it.

Is anyone else having issues with the IDE today ?


Quite a few people having z-wave device type problem at the moment so this could be related.

“my device types” in the ide is now “my device handlers”… this is new

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I thought that changed :smile:

My Smart Switch is still reporting strange. I have custom code installed which reports in micro-watts instead of watts. But my device is reporting twice each report. Once in micro-watts and once in watts. It’s as if both device handlers are configured for the same device.

The debug statements coming out reveal that both device handlers are applied to the same device even though I just installed them.

Looks like an ide/server side update must have happened and once again they broke something. I am so fed up with this system. I have to debug new issues caused by ST every week. They should fix the stuff they already broke before shoving out more broken code. My faith in ST is gone.

Interesting… mine still says “My Device Types”

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yup, it just changed back… bizarre…

I get the feeling, honestly, someone just has free reign with certain parts of the platform.

No ITIL Change Management (or QA, etc.).

It’s pretty obvious someone just thought that the menu title was wrong and changed it with no review… I guess?


ITIL and Agile are never going to exist in the same room…
There’s a case that can be made for both.
My feelings being that for Agile to be successful all the devs need to be super bright, genius level actually, and that’s just not a talent pool that’s manageable, affordable or available.


Tons of issues! Some device types would add a whole new duplicate definition section when I clicked to edit code. Simulator would not render tiles. Slow as hell too.

Edited to add: Code changes don’t save either.

I’m also having issues with the IDE. None of the code changes that I make seem to be applied or saved :frowning:

edit: support ticket submitted

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Several new and old device templates, while visible cannot be opened…

It’s Friday. Maybe they’re just having an early beer bash. :smile:

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Guess we’ll have to wait until Monday when they sober up…

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Then Agile should be abandoned. I miss traditional waterfall…


Anyone knows how I resync Smart Lighting to be in the right mode? Why do we have live logging if not all apps have debug turned on. My home is in one mode (the app and ide shows correct mode). But two of Smart Lightning instances think I am in a different mode…(or just don’t respect mode exclusion, who knows, there is no debug)

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There’s a name for that being thrown around at all the conferences: Bimodal IT. We used to just call it “multitasking.”

Usually my z-wave works better than ZigBee. Right now I am seeing my rule change being committed, I am seeing the trigger show up in the logs, but that’s it: Nothing is actually being logged with the rule itself in the IDE. Very odd behavior right now.

I’ve seen that problem with the ide… make sure you don’t have the device open in any phone app when trying to do modifications… it usually means it is locked

The behavior I see could only be happening if both the original version of the device code and my modified version were installed at the same time. Very strange. The ide is all jacked up so I have given up wasting my day trying to solve something ST broke again.

Wouldn’t it makes sense for there to be a locked indicator on the ide page ?
When did “locking” get introduced ? I have worked on my device code with the app open since I started working with ST. It often caused the app to crash but never caused issues on the ide side. Android doesn’t “close” apps when you leave them so how could this possibly work ?

This is why I hate Agile. Some developer probably noticed that is app would crash when he changed the code on the server side so he thought “Hey why don’t l code a lock when the app is open” without also thinking “and I should place a lock indicator on the ide to let everyone know the code is locked.” Now other developers are seeing a strange new crash in the server when they try to change code so they takes weeks tracking down why only to discover this little coding gem someone decided to add.

I am amazed that lazy programers that don’t like to design, document and test code found a way to convince their managers that they don’t need to do any of these things because they are using AGILE !

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Sorry, Agile is no excuse for incompetence and negligence…

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