IDE Mystery Device Type Rollback?

OK, so this morning a bunch of my device types and settings have mysteriously rolled themselves back to where they were on Saturday. Note that they were fine on Sunday night and Monday, which is after the platform maintenance. About six hours of work gone, but mostly I don’t know whether I should put anything back in case it’s going to go again.

I have reported it to support with documentation of logs showing where the change happened. They suggested I keep an eye on the forums for other comments. So here we are.

I created four binary switches on Friday to use with Amazon. Then on Saturday I change them to be momentary switches. I also added a fifth switch. They worked fine on Sunday night and Monday.

Then this morning, bunch of my IFTTT recipes didn’t work, I checked–the switches are back to being binary and the fifth switch has disappeared altogether.

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OK, right around the time @Tyler posted about the echo discovery fix, my devices reverted all on their own to where they were yesterday. Hooray!

We need to get @Tyler a Ghostbusters badge. :zap:️:zap:️:ghost:

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So today, it broke again on its own. Again I have not made any changes over this time.

Momentary switches are back to being binaries, and one of them doesn’t work at all. Just really frustrating. So I’m going to go ahead and take everything out and put any new ones with new names and see what happens.

@JDRoberts do you typically have conversations with yourself? :smile:

I suspect this may have had something to do with the upgrades that occurred Sunday morning. Does that coincide with timing or things were fine immediately following that and then broke around Tuesday?

Things were fine on Monday. They broke Tuesday morning. They were fixed on Tuesday afternoon after Tyler reported some other fixes had been made.

They broke again Wednesday morning. :disappointed_relieved:

As for conversations with myself: sure, sometimes they’re helpful. LOL

What’s more amusing is when I report a problem to support, and they refer me to my own post in the forum. Which happens about once a month. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@JDRoberts, did you have any resolution? Some SmartTiles users are reporting the same behavior.

No, it was just some platform weirdness. Eventually it stopped changing and I just had to manually change anything that was left in the wrong condition.