Changes to the IDE today - device types

Well it appears that many people are having problems today with various devices not working. In my case, a z-wave switch and a custom aeon multi sensor 6. I was just fiddling around in the IDE and suddenly noticed the ‘my devices’ section has changed to ‘device handlers’ I’m pretty sure this is brand new?

It appears from this that you have to go and re-publish any custom device types and that was maybe the reason they weren’t working before.

Can anyone else confirm this?

If true and I’m not just imagining it! This is yet another case of unpublicised changes to the system that breaks things.

Yea, that title change lasted all of an hour, now back the way it was before.

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Sorry, but this is just demonstrative of the complete lack of discipline I continually perceive with regards to the way ST operates.

How can such changes not go through a rigorous Change Management process? If they did, one would presume it would not flip/flop like that.

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Rigorous?, let’s start with any…


Ha! They start with us…

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There was also a period of about an hour today when you could not log in to check/update ticket status. Every time I reloaded the page I got a different error.

I’m out, too.

On the plus side, I did get a note back from support four days later. I’ll submit a ticket for this one and hopefully they’ll realize it’s a larger platform issue. Again.

I had noticed all of my custom device types were not working.

What appears to have happened is they have changed device types to device handlers and added a new tab “From Zigbee” to the creation form of the “New SmartDevice”.

I emailed them to tell them that none of my custom devices where working and that I was unhappy with there approach of releasing changes with no notification. They know who has custom device types so email them and don’t do it on a Friday when there is no support the next day, unless it is urgent leave it alone.

Oddly after I sent this email I seem to have reverted back to device type and the tab for “From Zigbee” has vanished.

So is this something that was supposed to have been released in the future and someone has done it by accident to a few users! Who know but I know mine is fixed now.

I know it won’t help but email support someone seems to be fixing this on request.