IDE changes

Has anyone else noticed things are odd in the IDE ? I have various device handlers for connected devices, the device handlers seem to no longer function or the devices are showing capabilities that the handler never incorporated originally which just show clouds with lines through them

Same for my Fibaro RGBW controler DT, it never worked properly since the new app but recently it has got even more un reliable, I have tried all sorts of DHs but nothing I try is getting me to almost usefull, now showing capabilities not contained in the original DT

It seems things are quietly being deprecated with detrimental affect

Example of greenwave pocket socket from IDE to app

You have swapped DH to maybe a SmartThings SmartSense Multi Sensor, that’s why you have temperature 3-axis sensor etc in the app.

Delete the device and add it again, it will show up correctly then. And don’t swap randomly DHs, otherwise you will end up like that.


Thank you Gabor, that did it, the odd part though is why I had to mess with it at all

Like others have reported recently, devices have been misbehaving or mysteriously changing device types without my interaction

Duno but at the moment everything seems to have settled again into an agreable faultless groove

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