Temperature scale mixed up this morning

Has anyone notice the C and F screwed up this morning? My house now says 39 and half my devices are reporting in that ancient of scales, Fahrenheit :smile:
57 is an age not a temp :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

13:00, Looks like order has been restored to the Metric universe, what a wild ride!


I’m having the same issue. All my smart things multi sensors v1 have incorrect readings, looks like the unit readings are switched.

What did you do to solve this problem ?

Many people are having device issues today…

Same problem here. Watching the logs I am getting double reports from my Aeon Smart Switches. Once in Watts and Once in Milliwatts.

The really strange part is I altered the device code from Watts to Milliwatts so it isn’t possible for it to be reporting watts anymore unless somehow the server side is using my code and the original code at the same time.

To investigate I started looking in the ide and found that my code was listed as active but when I open that code in the ide it has reverted to the original code. However since my code is still reporting somehow both versions exist on the server side.

To try to fix this I removed my device entirely from ST.

  1. remove all smart apps
  2. remove device
  3. remove device code

And reinstalled

  1. add device
  2. add device code so I can switch to my version
  3. ide, wouldn’t let me save the device code see my thread in last post by @Whippm for details

Finally I gave up realizing that once again I was losing a day trying to fix an issue I thought I created just to realize the hacks at ST (note thats hacks not hackers) are changing code again. So I let the old watt based code remain and didn’t bother to reinstall my smart app (which requires milliwatts to work). One more feature of ST lost because of server side code changes we where never informed about.

I’m not touching anything else right now until ST is fixed. I have already lost a thermostat that I can’t get back.