Missing icons in smartthings classic app after recent update

A lot of people suffer from missing icons in smartthings classic app after recent update.
I think the problem is from http/https policy.

Due to recent update of Smartthings classic app, along with new policy of android WebView of only allowing https, (except explicitly defined)
Icons do not appear in deviceTile in smarttings classic app.

For example, st.secondary.refresh is the frequent used icon, which is actually redirected to http://cdn.device-icons.smartthings.com/secondary/refresh.png
Since it is http, not https, the icon does not show in device tile.

Please fix this problem. Please the document below regarding the android’s policy


I would recommend reporting this to support@smartthings.com so they can investigate it. What version of the ST client are you using? I’m seeing mixed results here, working on many but not a few.

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I’m using smartthings classic ver 2.18.1 build 561929
on Galaxy Note 8 with android 9.

I’ve sent the email about this topic to support@smartthing . com

I already reported them 1 month ago but no news so far…
I just followed up with them providing the link to this thread. This is just not ok, even the standard ST devices don’t show anymore the refresh. Not even talking about my thermostat that hides now the heating mode and plus minus and oblige me to go to the event view to know what mode I am on.

Jan 12, 10:20 PM MST
Hi Philippe,

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

I understand how frustrating it is. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused due to this issue.

Our team is currently working on it and I hope an update with the fix gets released at the earliest."

Yes. Fixing the problem by adding https to the icon server won’t take long as 1 month.
Please fix the problem.

For what it’s worth, my list of available icons has always been empty since about August 2018… I just gave up attempting to assign an icon. I just checked and the list is still completely empty,. Classic v2.8.1

On my side, my designed icons stored on my github display well but indeed, github icons are refered by a https url in my DTHs.

Since the CDN doesn’t have a valid https certificate, does this work for you?

No. The link raises certificate error message in my mobile browser and when I use that url in deviceTile, it does not work also.

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Any updates on this? I don’t have any tile icons on classic on Android. Really frustrating.

I believe I saw a post where 2.19 was expected at the end of February

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I just downgraded smartthings classic app to version 2.16.1

End of March, and still nothing…

well… all companies in the bay area and india are now working from home so that is not going to help improve the reactivity.

Regardless, this is ridiculous. We’re talking about moving files to a different folder… I realize all support/development has shifted to the new ST app, but you would think someone would care enough to fix this.

In the meantime, reverting back to v 2.17.0 of the app on android resolves all issues.

For those unsure how to do this:

  1. Uninstall SmartThings Classic
  2. Download the v2.17.0 APK file from a site like APK Mirror
  3. Open APK file on phone and follow instructions

you cannot be more right. I lost hope and the ticket number :mask:

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Still not fixed. Just added a new switch and can’t add an icon.

Yesterday I received an update to 2.19.1. In the What’s new section it says, “Fixed device icon loading”.

For me this update fixed the icon problem!

I still have an existing problem where when I first go to My Home and view Things, nothing is displayed. I have to scroll the list down, and the screen updates and makes devices visible. Then I have to scroll up and those devices are visible.

+1 on the old SmartThings Classic app ‘Things’ listing where I too have to scroll the the ‘Things’ page to see the devices.

However, this SmartThings Classic ‘Things’ listing issue only happens on my Android version 9 devices and not on my Android version 6 devices which do show the ‘Things’ page listing properly in the old SmartThings Classic app.