I just want a notification when a contact opens

I can’t get SmartThings to notify me when a contact opens. This happens to be a sensor I use intermittently. I have not used it in about one year. It worked perfectly when last used. I have installed a new battery and it shows up in the SmartThings app perfectly. When I open and close this sensor it correctly shows its status right away on the app.

My problem is, I want a notification when this contact opens. Maybe I’m doing this completely wrong. I tapped on the device, then “routines” and I was presented with the IF / THEN configurations. Under IF I have chosen “open” (one of the options is “open or closed” and if I select that choice, it keeps going back to “open”. Under THEN, I selected “Send a text message” and I enter my phone number. As I operate this contact, I never get a text message.

I don’t necessarily need a text message just ANY kind of a noise or sound on my iPhone would be wonderful. In iPhone settings, I have all SmartThings notifications switched on. Including sounds and badges. I get nothing. When I successfully used this in the past, I don’t think I got an actual text message, but just a notification of some kind. I would like to know the status of this contact without staring at my iPhone continuously. Suggestions are welcome.

I would suggest using push notifications. SMS has problems in some cases.

Thank you for helping. Where are those settings? Is that in SmartThings, or in the iPhone settings?
I’ve gone into the notifications in the Smartthings app. It shows many instances of a text message being sent. But I’m not getting them. I would actually prefer just to get a notification, and not a text. If that’s possible.

Look in the same section where you were setting up the Routine in the first post of this thread. Under Then…Notify someone :slight_smile:

For SMS:

  • you need to be in US
  • you need to opt in to receive. Text YES to 844-647 to opt in at any time.
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Thank you for helping me. I am in the USA. I read more about this issue below.

For some reason, the link that I copied only shows the top part of the discussion. I copied the relevant item below.

"We recommend using push notifications to send alerts about activity in your home for the best experience. "

In this announcement, they recommend Push Notifications as opposed to texts. I prefer Push Notifications. Can you tell me how I do that?

There appears to be a bug introduced with the iOS app on iPhones that prevents push notifications. Not sure if this affects everyone or not. Notifications still work on iPads. You need to report the issue to ST support. The more users who report it may help ST locate the root cause and fix it.

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I AM receiving notifications through SmartThings, I’m just not getting a notification for this ONE particular contact. When I open and close this contact it correctly shows its status right away on the app. But no notification. I have some Fibaro flood sensors that send me a notification (not a text) through SmartThings instantly when I test them with water. But I get nothing from this contact. The fact that I get a notification with my Flood Sensors, but not from another sensor makes me think there’s something in my set up that’s not right.

From Home > Notifications > Filter. ALL of my lights and switches, sensors (including the problem contact) have the switch set to “ON”. Interestingly, most of the items on the list, don’t generate a notification at all, but nevertheless, all of those switches are on.

I opted in to text notifications as you recommended earlier. I am now getting a text for the problem contact, but not a notification.

So now, I get a Push Notification from my flood sensors but no text, and the contact sends me a text but no Push Notification. Oh well, it looks like I’m being notified one way or another.

THANK YOU very much for sticking with me and not giving up. You are a terrific resource on the SmartThings user forum, and you are an asset to all of humanity. Thanks again.

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Forgot to mention but there is a limit on number of text messages sent per day (I f I remember correctly)

When you include a link in this forum, you get the equivalent of a “thumbnail preview“ of what it is: just the first few sentences. Tapping on the link name will open up the full text.

I found this below.
“You can receive a maximum of 100 messages per phone number, per configuration, per day”

You know, I recommend SmartThings all the time. But my friends reject it. Why? No ability to back up their work. They go with other systems that allow users to make back ups so that if the hub fails they can be easily restored. I have a version 2, I would buy a version 3 hub tomorrow if it was easy to make the switch.

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