SmartThings will not send me a text when a leak is detected

SmartThings will not send me a text when a leak is detected.
This has worked perfectly in the past. Not sure what happened. I dug deep into the iPhone app and found the configuration again. I entered in my number and my wife’s number to receive a text. I have previously texted “YES” to 844-647, but I did it again anyway. I am receiving texts for other monitoring functions from SmartThings but not the important leak detection.

When I simulate a leak, I immediately get a banner on my iPhone, which is kind of useless because it’s unlikely I would notice this. I do not get a text. (It also closes the main water valve like it should.) The SmartThings app is telling me that a text was sent, but nevertheless, I do not get a text. I like getting a text because it makes a louder noise. And I like to know right away if there is a leak. How can I get a text?

UPDATE: As a courtesy to others in case they come across this with a similar problem, I see now what I did wrong. After entering the phone numbers to text me to I should’ve tapped on “Done” not the back arrow button.