Get Push notification and text when Door Sensor opens?

So I have the latest smartthings hub and some multipurpose sensors

All I want to do is this:
If I’m home:
When a door opens/closes or motion detected - a push notification on the phone

If I’m away:
When a door opens/closes or motion detected - a push notification on the phone and a text

I dont want a huge big “intrusion detected!” event, just a simple little notification.
I have an iphone and I’ve used it on other systems for geolocation (when home/when away) etc. and realise all the permissions to allow location to a particular app etc.

So far I just cant get smartthings to do it.

Firstly, two apps, an old and a new :confused: I dont know which I’m supposed to use but apparently the new one cant do some stuff that the old can?

I tried doing a new automation and to start with I didnt even try geolocation. I just did a “if door sensor open or close - notify” . In the app If I open/close the door I can see the sensor icon updating open/close so that’s working but the app never notifies me !

It’s obviously just me not getting it yet but it just seems really complicated to do very simple things

any ideas?

to simplify you task use WebCore it powerfull automation. this an example for notification :

if you need help let us know

In the new app, go to add automations and just pick the sensor you want to use, then press the plus sign in the right corner and add “Locations” Home, Away or Night. Just mark Home and Away (or make one for Home and one automations for Away). Then press next and then the plus sign and use “Notify Members” and write something. [Sensor] - Someone opened the front door.

You can also add a device to trigger at the same time you get the notifications, for that just press the plus sign again and add “control devices”, pick one you want to control.

The names could be different, that’s because I don’t use english on my system.

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thanks for your reply I appreciate it!

I clicked add automation, condition “If door sensor OPEN”
THEN “notify members” door opened

When I open the door, the sensor page shows “OPEN” (and closed when closed) but no notification happens on the app at all :frowning:

I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible but nothing happens

Do you have notifications turned off within the device for the Smartthings app? I know on Android I can turn off all notifications for given apps.

Hi there - thanks but notifications are turned on for the app

On Android, I would first try to clear the ST app cache. If that didn’t work then I would delete the ST app data. Deleting the app data in the V3 app will reset any customized settings you have made to wallpapers and room organization though.

Very strange! Reset the sensor and re-add it again. Delete the app and install it again.

thanks I’ll try both those things!