How to control when notification texts are sent?

I have a motion sensor that sends me a text when activated. I only want this to happen when I’m not home, but I cannot figure out how to make this association in the SmartThings app. Where do I start? Do I create a scene? Do I configure the sensor some how? Or what?

When you attach a smart app to a device you have an option in the app to only have to run in certain modes. So if using the notify me when app, for example, Just set it to only run in away mode.

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Yep, that’s what I can’t figure out how to do. What is an app? I see SmartApps when I select the motion sensor from Things under My Home. But when I look at what is called an app there (something I setup by poking around) it does not have an option for Away. It has a time window option but no Mode selection.

It’ll help if you can be a little more specific re: how you initially created the sms notification.

The SmartThings mobile app interface isn’t very intuitive unfortunately, and there are often multiple ways to accomplish the same goal.

So which smartapp is listed when you tap on the motion sensor from the “things” list?

You’re going to have to use routines and a presence sensor to actually change the hub’s mode when you come and go. But that’s step 2. Let’s deal with step 1 first.

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What Mark said. I assumed since you set up a notification you knew which app you used to do so. I do the exact thing you are asking about. I get a notification if any door is opened or motion sensor activated when my wife and I are away from home. I do this with the app “Notify me when”

To use this app you go to the marketplace > SmartApps> safety and security > Notify me when.

From there just fill in the blanks, at the bottom there is a section called “Set for a specific mode”. That is where you set in which modes you want to run it in.

As Mark mentioned you need some type of presence sensor or you can manually change the modes as you come and go. My wife and I use our phones.

[edit] To see what app you are currently using go to the sensor in question in your My home > things in the ST app and at the top there should be a menu called SmartApps. If you select that it will list all smart apps assigned to that device.


The term in smartthings is “SmartApp,” which is a tiny program that handles a specific set of rules conditions in SmartThings.

Some community members will use the term “app” when they mean “SmartApp,” so you just have to figure it out from the context.

Some smartapps will allow you to control when they run based on mode, some based on time, some based on combinations of various factors. In the early days of SmartThings smartapps were just written by individual customers and then contributed for community use so there’s a lot of variation.

As others have suggested, it will be easiest for us to help you if you can show us a screenshot or at least describe the exact smartapp/routine you are using for the notification since your options will be different in different ones.

I myself can’t use the SmartThings mobile app right now because they broke VoiceOver navigation, but if you start from your things screen and select that sensor there should be a way to get to the details of it which will show you exactly what smartapps you have associated with it. :sunglasses:


Thanks. So, I start with the App and add the sensor to the SmartApp. That’s what I needed to understand. I just couldn’t figure out which one to configure first.

In SmartThings, operational restrictions are done on the rule that will run, not on the individual device. That’s what allows you to use the same device in a lot of different rules.

For example, I have a very irregular schedule. Some days I go to sleep at 6 PM, some days I go to sleep at one in the morning. I also have two housemates, and there are always a lot of people coming and going.

I have a “mode” that I set manually to “asleep” when I go to bed. At that point, if the motion sensor at the entrance to my room is triggered, instead of the overhead light coming on, a soft night light on the wall comes on. That way if one of my housemate comes in and my dog runs out of my room and goes to see who it is and then comes back, the light doesn’t turn on and wake me up.

The sensor is doing the same thing all the time – – it’s reporting to the hub that motion was detected. But the rule for which light comes on has restrictions on it.

That way I don’t have to go around and individually disable or enable a bunch of sensors in the house every day when I go to bed. But it’s also not something that is based on a time schedule or Geopresence. It’s 9 PM and I’m home, but whether I’m asleep or awake is something that I have to tell the system. But I only have to tell it one thing and then a whole bunch of other rules will behave differently based on that setting.

I hope that was clear – – it is different from how some other systems work, but it ends up being very flexible and practical for many home automation use cases. :sunglasses:

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I can’t really tell from that post whether you have a clear understanding of what we’re suggesting.

Please consider posting the information that I and others have requested, so that we can provide useful recommendations to you.