I can not create the brand

I have contacted Samsung SmartThings Support for help:

The echo:

I’m confused why he mentioned APP, I create the band here

Ok,I take as the steps in the ST app:

Obviously, the problem report button does not point to the support page of the Asian region.

For all my products are designed for the America region. So all the location informations are set to the coordinates of the Americas region.

Who is going to solve this problem? Is it the Asian team or the American team? If it is the Asian team, how can I contact them?



We have created the band in the old workspace for a long time.

But we can not select it in the new workspace when we add a new product.

Also I can not recreate the band in the new workspace.

I look for help as the link on the page:

Hi, @chenjun.

When this kind of thing happens, please send an email to build@smartthings.com because we need private information that we cannot discuss here in the Community.

This is because you want to certify an Edge driver integration, right?
For now, please share the following in your email:

  • Your organization MNID
  • The brands that have a published integration. This means those that appear in the devices catalog of the SmartThings app.
  • You mentioned you already created certain things in the new Console, can you tell us what, please? Eg. Organization, brand


I'm sorry to bother you, because for the first time, I was told to find a team in China to solve the problem. I was worried that no one would solve the problem, so I asked for help in the forum.



I create a product in the new Console, but  I'm failed to submit because I could not select the brand(there is no any brand to be selected);

I tried to recreate the brand "New One" by my colleagues' recommend, but  I'm failed to submit for the Console notify me that the brand is in use.

I have already started a PR for my new product:


Thanks again for your attention!

did you send this email to the other team? does it mean they will continue the support with you?

Sorry, this is confusing, I see you have another ticket where the team asked you for more information to continue checking the issue.

@nayelyz :Yes, I first asked the Support Team for help via email. After I was told that I should to find the team in my region to solve the problem, I have to ask for help in the Community because I couldn’t find it - I replied that email while I waited for the echo—the email was feedback two hours ago.

Sorry, because the release of this product has been delayed for a long time, and the communication efficiency is very low due to the time zero difference, I have to seek solutions from multiple ways.

ok, so, in your case, the team needs to migrate those brands from the Developer Workspace because they already have a published integration.
I’ll send you a DM