My application for Brands was rejected,

Hi, I am developing a smart lock related smartapp and I am having some problems with.

  1. My application for Brands was rejected, but I don’t know how to do it, I have submitted the information related to my company.
    2, I want to open and close the door by bixby voice, should I choose [Cloud Connected Devices]?


Hi, @WonderLand

I am Andres, a member of the Developer Support team. Thank you for writing us.

I think you are mixing some concepts here. I am not sure how did you share with us the information related to your company, but take into account that these brands are intended for IoT manufacturers only. These brands allow them to certify their integrations (you have to pay for this) and appear in the SmartThings app catalog. Is this what you are looking for?

Which door are you trying to open? Please, share details of that device. Did your company manufacture it?

I hope you’re not developing it using Groovy :eyes: