So many device brands not showing up in Smartthings App

Too depressed for this, I installed latest version of Smartthings App on Android mobile phone. But when I wanted to add device by selecting device brand, I found so many device brands weren’t showing up in this App. e.g. I clicked on device category “Lock”.But there is only one brand under “Lock”(You could see my enclosed photo). The lock brand I wanted to add is Ultralog. It showed up on another Android mobile phone belong to my college. But not showing up on my mobile phone. I tried so many versions of Smartthings App(e.g. V1.7.65, V1.7.64, V1.7.60). But had the same issue. Could ST support engineer explain what cause this issue for me?Thank you!
BTW, I am in China now. I update the region and country in the setting of my phone to USA. But it’s useless.

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I just always use the generic zwave add.

The device catalog is determined by the region of your Samsung account. As far as I know the device catalog for China is quite limited. The account you saw on the other Android phone belonging to your college must have been using a non-Chinese Samsung account.

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Yes,I doubted if it caused by the region of my Samsung account as well. I use Google account to login ST App. And I have replaced the region of my Google account with abroad region. But it seems not working for this issue.

Even if you have only ever used your Google account to login to SmartThings or other Samsung services, you will still have a Samsung account. It will have been set up automatically.

You are actually using the Google account to login to a Samsung account and SmartThings is working with that.

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Find out first what region your Samsung account is set.

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So deeply appreciate for this! The issue is resolved after I registered an account on your link. Can find Ultraloq brand and all my lock devices are showing up on App. Thank you very much!

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