Hue motion sensor suddenly stopped working

I have a hue motion sensor at home. I am using smartthings for controlling it for some time and suddenly today, it stopped working. I have set it to send me notification whenever the motion is triggered. I works with hue app and google home. I can detect motion, but the smartthings just seem to stuck under ‘no motion detected’ status.
Anyone can help please.

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first thought… reboot your ST hub (if you have one) :slight_smile:

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I can’t get my hue to pick up any motion

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Hello, my hue motion sensors also all stopped working 3 days ago. I tried deleting them; re-adding them through Hue app, tried adding them seperately, deleting all my routines and automatines but nothing works. They are visible in Smartthings app but they do not respond to movement whatsoever. Please please help…

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Hello everyone, this topic is actually out of our scope, but you can contact customer support for more help.

I have the same problem. Starting in the second half of November, my four Hue outdoor motion sensors no longer seem to be sending motion events to SmartThings. They are connected to SmartThings via the Philips Hue Linked Service. When I access the Hue Bridge via the Hue app, I see that they are detecting motion. So somehow that motion is not being relayed to SmartThings.

One clue is that when I look at the drivers installed on my SmartThings hub, the Philips Hue driver has version 2023-11-14T19:09:47.293595694. This suggests to me that a new driver was installed just prior to this breaking. So probably the new driver is to blame. Any ideas on how to get this fixed?

P.S. The day after posting this, I linked my Hue service to Google Home using the “Philips Hue” integration in the Google Home app. That works perfectly - motion events are received and can actuate my Meross switches. So this puts further weight on the hypothesis that the problem is on the SmartThings end.


Count me in, same issue since 2 weeks. The status is not updated. If I pulled down to refresh the status when a motion occurs, it is working.

My Hue account is linked with smartthings. I use Alexa with no issue.(Hue skills) No issue in Apple homekit either.

Is it possible to get push notifications in the Google home app? Can’t get any even If I activate it in the app :neutral_face: Smarthings are no longer so smart. Got the same problem.

Same problem here for the last three weeks. No registration of movement in my ST app but everything are working in hue!?

I´m experiencing the same. And as user lambertwx mentioned, if i had to bet, i´d pinpoint the cuplrit as the 2023-11-14T19:09:47.293595694 Hue driver update. Before that, everything was fine.

Exactly the same issue here, I noticed it right now. Is there any solution for this?

Guys, I tried to describe and address this issue at lets see if they help…

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Ok guys, I’ve been in contact with support, they requested a detailed description and logs. If they give me a solution, I’ll let you know. Anyway, in the meantime: I found a temporary workaround in using the native Philips Hue app, which now includes security features that allow the same thing as the Samsung SmartThings routine.

Sounds good. Thanks. The advantage of Samsung smartthings compared to the Philips hue app is that even outdoor sensors sent a notification in the event of movement. That function in the Philips hue app is only possible for indoor sensors.

Ah, ok, I use only indoor sensors, so I didn’t know…

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I have the same issue with Philips sensor and smartthins app.

Hello guys, this is the latest info from SmartThings support:

Thank you for your time and patience.

As we receive an update from our team saying that We were able to get in contact with Hue engineers this afternoon who confirmed the issue is on their end. They also stated they are rolling out an update to the C2C service in the “first week” of January and that it should fix the issue with the Hue devices not transmitting events/status changes to SmartThings.

If the issue is not resolved in the coming weeks, please let us know and include a few example timestamps the device’s status failed to update.


A very big thank you! I will follow the topic.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

I now could update to version 1.62.1962097030 but the issue still exists. Is anybody experiencing the same?

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