Hue motion sensor suddenly stopped working

I have a hue motion sensor at home. I am using smartthings for controlling it for some time and suddenly today, it stopped working. I have set it to send me notification whenever the motion is triggered. I works with hue app and google home. I can detect motion, but the smartthings just seem to stuck under ‘no motion detected’ status.
Anyone can help please.

first thought… reboot your ST hub (if you have one) :slight_smile:

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I can’t get my hue to pick up any motion

Hello, my hue motion sensors also all stopped working 3 days ago. I tried deleting them; re-adding them through Hue app, tried adding them seperately, deleting all my routines and automatines but nothing works. They are visible in Smartthings app but they do not respond to movement whatsoever. Please please help…

Hello everyone, this topic is actually out of our scope, but you can contact customer support for more help.