Sensors stopped being seen by server

At around 6:00 pm CDT, most or all of the of the motion sensors, and some of the door sensors stopped showing activity, even though the LEDs indicate that they are communicating with the ST hub.
One door sensor worked until 9pm, then stopped. Another continues to work.
Lack of activity (motion, or open door) breaks my SmartApps, of course.

This is on one of my hubs, but not the other (separate buildings).

Did ST change something on the server?

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Same problem. Could be due to the update they pushed today, I sent an email to support asking them whats up .


I’m having the same problem with many of my motion sensors.

Same issue, hall motion not working, living room motion not working, dining room motion working fine. Checked all options and they are set fine also. I can turn the lights on manually with the switch I have the motions tied to but when it comes to the motions triggering the switch it’s no joy!

Same problem for me too.

Lost a motion sensor and my Minimote, thats what I’ve noticed so far anyway

I just noticed the same issue. I walked into a dark room at 3:30am. The motion sensor didn’t turn on the light.

hey everyone,

Please write to so that they can investigate these events!


I’m having a wide range of device connectivity issues, primarily with z-wave devices, all corresponding to roughly the same timeframe… I’ve also notified support by email.

Did someone had an update from support?

One of my sensors that was still working when I went to bed is no longer working this morning.

Oddly it is my first generation Smarthings motion sensors not reporting. My second generation Smarthings motion is reporting normally.

This morning at around 7AM, only one of my open/close sensors was working. Currently, none of my 6 (ST and Aeon) door open/close sensors are working. Hub reboot, batteries removed/replaced made no difference.
My motion sensors on the other hand did work properly this AM.

@cdikland, @an39511, @allison

If you haven’t already, can you send a message to Please include as much information as possible (which devices aren’t working, whether or not those devices are in rooms, what time you noticed the issue, etc). I’ve seen a few reports scattered around the forums and the more reports support can get, the better we’ll be able narrow down the issue and get it resolved.

I am having an assortment of sensor status and switch status that stopped updating last night. The switches are still controllable. The status of some sensors and switches seems to be working.

Only one of the nine of my z-wave motion sensors are working this morning. At least one switch is also failing.

@beckwith: If you haven’t already, send an email to with as much information as you can. They can correlate everything and help us narrow down the problem.

Same here. It seems that anything on a schedule is working properly but noting else. Also, the app is unable to control anything and shows incorrect status for doors and lights.

There should be a banner “Send a note to support” somewhere. I’m having issues as well, the first thing I did was send a note to support.

Report was submitted a few hours ago. Someone has already logged in and rebooted my hub but at this time I am still having the same problem.

Same issues as everyone else. My lock is also unresponsive.
I sent an email in. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.