Hue lights via Matter don't have full white colour temperature range


My Hue lights connected to Smartthings via Matter from the Hue Bridge don’t have the full range of colour temperature.

My hue lights in Smartthings are only controllable to 2580K (which is an oddly specific value) when they are capable of much lower values in the Hue app.

I’ve also noticed that the circadian lighting and sleep controls are not visible in the individual hue lights but if I group them they are visible. This is different to my lifx bulbs which have the circadian and sleep controls visible with the device. Is this a driver issue/capability not present in matter and is for lifx?

Would I get the control I want with my hue lights using the official Hue integration rather than Matter? I only used matter a) because it’s actively being developed, b) local and c) prevents duplication in Alexa with the Smartthings integration.

Is the official Hue integration with Smartthings local or cloud?


For those without a hub… the integration would always be cloud. For those with a hub… it depend on which integration you select. If you select to Link account… it would be cloud to cloud. If you click next at the bottom of the screen… it would be a direct connection and local.

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Ok thanks. I’ll try that then instead of matter to see if things are different or improve

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