Hue Colour Bulbs / White level


Before I picked up our SmartThings hub, I had our Hue system with approximately 19 colour bulbs integrated with a number of Google home devices. Since then, I’ve removed the integration between our Hue system and have let SmartThings handle the integration point between the SmartThings hub and the Google home devices. ( Hue -> SmartThings -> Google Home)

I’ve noticed that since doing this:

  • There is now a slight delay when turning on / off or changing the state on lights. I can only assume this is due to way SmartThings integrates with Hue as this wasn’t present when Hue was integrated directly with Google Home. Although this is expected based on what I’ve read (And my bulbs are executing locally) - I feel like an adjustment to the integration could correct this.

  • A number of the colours have completely changed. Requesting “Blue” no longer results in a vibrant dark blue, instead it returns a light blue.

  • Using the SmartThings app (And I understand the scene’s are VERY new) - I don’t have the ability to fully adjust the white-temperature on my bulbs to the full available range. My other Android apps allow a much greater range.

Although I feel like the scene’s are a great start, the above behavior leads me to feel like my bulbs may be restricted / unable to display the full gamut of colours or whites.

Has anyone else experienced this? Forgive me if this is the wrong section to post this.