Hub got unstable after integrating HUE via Matter

I integrated my Philips HUE setup (approx 40 lights and 10 accessories) into SMartThings via Matter. I don’t know if that’s the cause, but my hub frequently reboots now and aumations are very slow to execute.

At the moment I didn’t remove the HUE light integrated via Cloud.

I have about 100 z-wave / zigbee / thread devices, 60 Matter devices, and 80 device integrated via cloud services.

Any advice?

@AlejandroPadilla @Ivan_Luis_Falleau? Any advice?

not what you want to hear but I switched to Hue via Matter about a month ago and it is working well. I have the v2 hub and removed the previous Hue link after adding Hue via Matter.

I’ll second that, on a V3, and all routines and rules running perfectly. The best combination I’ve found so far
(P.S. haven’t used @blueyetisoftware 's driver so I’m not comparing there).


Thanks both, than it’s not that.
It’s basically useless, something is overloading the hub… I’m moving from Matter to Blue Yetis anyway because via Matters some of my HUE don’t show white warmth regulation, but it’s just an attempt .

How many HUEs are you managing via Matters?


Update, after removing HUE integration C2C, and Matter integration, replacing them with BlueYeti driver-based integration, the system got much more stable and responsive.

It’s not perfect yet, some automations, not even involving HUEs, often misfire.

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This wouldn’t be from the Hue driver. Edge drivers don’t run automations. Automations are entirely driven by SmartThings. Local automations are run by their rules engine in the ST hub, while others run in the ST cloud. Edge drivers can only define triggers and actions, but cannot run the automations directly. If you see bad automations, it would either be due to a ST error or a misconfigured automation in your setup (Either in ST or the Hue hub)


Yes absolutely,I am aware.

It’s all local automations, so when I see a sensor getting movement, but the consequent automation not starting, the only hypothesis I can make it’s that the hub is not processing it, like it’s “throttling” or something like that.

That particular issue is probably related to the issue of hue motion sensors not reporting rather than Hue via Matter or through Edge drivers. There should be a fix coming from Hue soon →

But it’s not HUE sensors, I have mostly Frient zigbee sensors and Aeotec Multisensor 6 (z-wave) as well as a couple of Fibaro Sensors (z-wave). They all report movement but the automation is slow to activate the light.