Hue device selection

I have Philips hue lights in my home that I connect directly to Google. I also connect SmartThings to Google. Since my Philips hue lights exist both in SmartThings and Google I normally choose which SmartThings devices I share with Google and leave out the Hue devices to prevent the Hue lights from showing up twice in Google. Since migrating to the new SmartThings app and reconnecting my SmartThings account in Google I have not been able to control which SmartThings devices show up in Google. The link below has a screenshot of where I’m looking. Is this the right place? Is there something I am missing or doing wrong?

Google Photos

This has been an ongoing issue with the Alexa and Google integration since an update.

This thread has info on it.

I have Alexa, so I have followed that thread more, but I am sure the google people have been voicing the same concern.

I hear a “fix” might be in the works


Thanks for the response! It is disappointing that this integration is broken, but hopefully the fix will be available soon. Is there anything I can do, such as contribute to an existing post or anything, that might help speed things along?

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