Problem with Google commands re Philips Hue

Due to a philips hue bridge failing I have just had to setup a new one, add all my lights and switches to the new one and link with SmarthThings. All appears ok in the apps Google Home, Philips Hue and Smartthings (latest version). I have only linked Hue with Smartthings and not to Google. I have sync’d all devices ok. I must be missing something however as I used to be able to use a Google voice command along the lines of “Ok google, activate xxxx” where xxxx is the name of a hue brigness/scene. However if I try “Ok google, activate dimmed” Google now says it does not understand. I can say “ok google set bringness to 10%” however. Not sure what this all means. Advice welcome.

You can ask google to do things thats in smartthings. Your huescenes are not available in smartthings.

What I must have done in the past - before rebuilding everything is to add Philips to both SmartThings and Google home. I recall that you used to be able to exclude the Philips hue devices from syncing in SmartThings so they don’t appear twice in the google home app. However I cannot see how to do this now. Any advice is most appreciated.


Its not possible in the new google integration. Smartthings are working on a solution to make it possible again. There are some threads discussing that already.