Google Home, Philips Hue and Smartthings—Best Way to Integrate?

I started off my smart home with Google Home and Philips Hue and got it all setup and working fine. I have recently added Smartthings Hub V3 and have a question regarding control of lights.

Initially I added the Hue Bridge to my Smartthings config so that I could turn lights on when sensors were triggered, however I found that if I link both the Hue account and Smartthings account to my Google assistant I see that all the lights appear twice. This is understandable I suppose but raises the question as to which is the best way to go (Google + Hue) OR Google + Smartthings.

If I control the lights using Google Home and Smartthings I don’t know if the Hue Scenes will be available. If I control via Google and Hue then Smartthings won’t see the lights to control.

Hope I’ve explained myself - any best practice advise would be welcome.

I found that SmartThings gives you better control over what is added to Google Assistant. For example, I couldn’t find a way to remove the the Hue scenes that are included by default with the Hue integration. So what I ended up was removing Hue from the Assistant and adding only the bulbs I wanted from SmartThings. If you do like the option to add every Hue scene, then you can go into the Google app in SmartThings, disallow the “include all devices” then pick the lights you want the Assistant to control, excluding the Hue bulbs. That way you won’t have dupes.

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Thanks for your advice,


Can you explain this please - I don’t seem to find what your referring to.

Are you using the new or old (Classic) SmartThings app?

I have recently has to switch to the classic version as there was missing functionality in the new version.

If you go into the “SmartApps” tab under “Automations”, and disable the following toggle, then you can skip the Hue bulbs if you want to go with official Google-Hue integration in your Assistant.