SmartThings - Hide Hue from Google

I recall in the past I used to add my Philips hue to both google home and smartthings. In order to prevent the devices from appearing twice I used to use an option in Smarthings to stop Google from seeing it’s lost of Hue devices - but for the life of me I cannot find it now. Has this now disappeared or been superseded by another method.

It was removed with the latest google integration. it may be added back but no telling when that will happen.

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So if I understand you I should expect to see all the Philips hue lamps appear twice in google home If I link both SmartThings and google home to Philips hue ?

Yes that is correct. At least until the feature that allows you to choose which devices are discovered by GH is added back.

You can add a new location in GH and move the duplicate devices to that location.