Duplicate Hue Lights in Google Home

I have 12 Hue Bulbs. Since the update to SmartThings, I now have 24 Hue bulbs in Google Home.
12 are coming in from Hue and the same 12 are coming in from SmartThings.
This is causing issues with color settings. Please help. Thank you!

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Hey there!

It appears you are having this concern because you have both services linked for the same devices to be detected and controlled by Google Home.

Have you already tried unlinking the Phillips Hue connected service from the Works with Google Home settings?

This has not been an issue until the latest update.

Hi @pbusardo, this is a known issue I’m afraid as we’ve lost the ability to select which devices are include in the Google integration. This is widely discussed elsewhere thought with silence from SmartThings on any resolution. There is a good workaround suggestion here which should solve your issue.

Thanks Paladin. I created a work around as well. Created a room called “Samsung Park”, moved all the Hue lights coming in from Samsung there and gave them bogus names. It’s sloppy, but it works.

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To be honest, Smart Things has been sloppy in general since the “update”. More like a “downdate” :slight_smile:

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I can’t get that link to work but want to find out the solution to the duplicates

Sometimes just creating another Fake Home in Google is the way to go. Move duplicated devices there until SmartThings gets their integrations corrected.


That’s another good idea. Thanks!