Hue Connect app is missing - Can not delete Hue Bridge

I wanted to add an additional hue blub to ST. I first went into the Hue App and added it. No problems.
But when I came into ST, that new bulb was nowhere. I tried to Add a Thing. Nothing. I tried to go into the Hue Connect App… but it’s missing.
I have the Hue Hub in the Things list, but the Connect app is gone.
So, I can’t add this bulb.

Something I’m missing?

They removed Hue Connect and all other LAN Connect devices with the last app update.


Thanks for that update. I called Smartthings and they said “We’re working on it”. I tried to delete the Hue Bridge from the ST app but it won’t go away. Nothing I do will remove it. Even thru the api web app. Nothing. It just stays.

So now that SmartThings has screwed things up with the Hue, how are we supposed to be able to fix this?

Currently, I have two “devices” showing for the Philip Hue hub…the original one that was broken by a SmartThings update a number of months ago, and a new entry (that matches with the Hue Connect I had working until yesterday).

It “seems” like I might be able to fix something if I could edit the IP address of the device entry, as currently they’re both pointing at the wrong one (my Hue hub is on a static IP and hasn’t changed in over a year, so it’s not a DHCP issue).

Do I need to contact support directly?

This thread:

Lots of people are posting issues with the update. Apparently a cache failure. It needs to be reset.
Post on that thread, and ST Staff will (potentially) fix it.
It worked for me. Everything is working for me now.

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So my Hue lights are working but the Things view states they are either “turningon” or “turning off”. Is there a way for me to fix this? My automations are working and Alexa is working but I can not turn them on/off in the STs app. The Hue app works as well.

Amazingly, this continues to be a problem years later, so I thought I’d post my solution here to force delete a Hue Hub LAN device. Trying to delete through the IDE didn’t work no matter what I did, and deleting the individual Hue devices would just cause them to be recreated within a few seconds of being deleted.

The solution is to ‘edit’ the Hue Hub device from the IDE, and change the device type to anything else other than Hue Hub (I also changed the name & network ID, but don’t think this mattered).

Once the device type is changed, you can delete it, and in one fell swoop all of the stubborn Hue devices are removed as well.