Hue Connect app is missing - Can not delete Hue Bridge

(Dave Foster) #1

I wanted to add an additional hue blub to ST. I first went into the Hue App and added it. No problems.
But when I came into ST, that new bulb was nowhere. I tried to Add a Thing. Nothing. I tried to go into the Hue Connect App… but it’s missing.
I have the Hue Hub in the Things list, but the Connect app is gone.
So, I can’t add this bulb.

Something I’m missing?

(Brian Diehl) #2

They removed Hue Connect and all other LAN Connect devices with the last app update.

Hue Connect disappeared!
(Dave Foster) #3

Thanks for that update. I called Smartthings and they said “We’re working on it”. I tried to delete the Hue Bridge from the ST app but it won’t go away. Nothing I do will remove it. Even thru the api web app. Nothing. It just stays.

(Chris Means) #4

So now that SmartThings has screwed things up with the Hue, how are we supposed to be able to fix this?

Currently, I have two “devices” showing for the Philip Hue hub…the original one that was broken by a SmartThings update a number of months ago, and a new entry (that matches with the Hue Connect I had working until yesterday).

It “seems” like I might be able to fix something if I could edit the IP address of the device entry, as currently they’re both pointing at the wrong one (my Hue hub is on a static IP and hasn’t changed in over a year, so it’s not a DHCP issue).

Do I need to contact support directly?

(Dave Foster) #5

This thread:

Lots of people are posting issues with the update. Apparently a cache failure. It needs to be reset.
Post on that thread, and ST Staff will (potentially) fix it.
It worked for me. Everything is working for me now.

(Brian Salyer) #6

So my Hue lights are working but the Things view states they are either “turningon” or “turning off”. Is there a way for me to fix this? My automations are working and Alexa is working but I can not turn them on/off in the STs app. The Hue app works as well.