Install Hue Connect App (Find Hue Bridge)

I recently deleted the hue connect app and the bulbs from Smart things to re-add them from scratch. now I cant seem to find the Hue Connect app in the Labs anymore and I do not want to directly connect my Hue bulbs to my ST hub because i dont want them stuck there. How do I get my hub added back to Smartthings? Any help would be great.

Which type of Mobile Device (though I’m not sure that makes a difference…).

So far … I can’t find Philips Hue (or any variation), under the Add / Things; but I’m looking. Hmmm…

(Also: May I rename this topic: “How to Find / Install Hue Connect SmartApp?”?)

It’s under :heavy_plus_sign:SmartSetup” - “Things” - “Light Bulbs” - “Philips Hue Light Bulb”. Not entirely obvious, I know. It should appear under Labs SmartApps, but does not.

Alternative Way…

Tap :heavy_plus_sign:, tap the Search Icon :mag: on the upper right.
Input: Hue
Select: Philips hue Light Bulb

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Ahhh, that fixed it. I seen that option was terrified it was going to add the bulb directly to the ST hub, without the bridge, which i didnt want to do. Thank you for help! We are back up and running now.

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Hi, I have the samen problem here. I deleted the Hue Bridge from my “Labs”, because not all bulbs were showing. But now I can’t seem to reconnect the Bridge and Bulbs anymore. I restarted and powered of my ST hub for 2 hours, I reset the Hue bridge to factory settings and still the Hue bridge won’t connect…

Any idea what I could try?
Thanks in advance,

Its an “ongoing issue” - I’ve been dealing with it for over 2 weeks now. See Re-Finding the Hue Bridge for instance. ST Support has supposedly “made this a priority.” So who knows? Next week? Next month??? In the meantime, I suggest contacting support directly.


Ok, I’ll contact support. Thanks for your answer.

My smartthings hub disconnected from Hue Connect last night 4/1. Today I’m attempting to reconnect the Hue Bridge with no luck. It appears to be a similar outcome to the bug mentioned earlier. Very disturbing that smartthings would just lose connectivity to Hue and then not be able to re-establish connectivity. Has anyone else experienced this?

Did you ever find a remedy? I did the same and no luck.

Well, I never got as far as losing conectivity as I never have managed to get it to connect. It sits at the “Discovery Started” page searching for the bridge but never seems to find it. 15 minutes and counting an no go… :rage:

Fixed. Add a light to the Hue bridge first before trying to connect to ST :blush:

I just got hit with this issue. After working well for 6+ months on both a V1 and V2 hub, ST has lost connection with the Hue Bridge.

I still have the Hue Bridge device with the correct IP address but when I go into the Hue Connect app it lists no bridges connected and is unable to find the bridge.