Android 2.3.0 - Release Notes

(Tim Slagle) #1

SmartThings Android 2.3.0 includes two new features and several more improvements:

  • New Device Health: with this you will be able to see devices that are offline or in a low battery state
  • New Autodiscover LAN Devices: +Add a Thing now includes LAN devices such as Hue Lights, Sonos, and Bose speakers
  • Add a “No Network Available” view when the network connection is lost
  • Show empty states when there has been no device activity for 7 days
  • Several crash fixes and various fixes.

Devices offline, no fix in sight. Smartthings has acknowledged the bug
Hue Connect app is missing - Can not delete Hue Bridge
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(Brian Diehl) #2

@slagle is there any way to turn off the Super LAN Connect stuff? Or at least plans to make it optional?


@Aaron and @slagle. There’s definitely been progress on fixing (kind of) text formatting and rendering issues, but something new came up. On smaller screen phones, anything more than 2 lines drops off, and custom icons become super duper tiny:

Note 5:

and a smaller screen:


(Mr. Smith) #4

Can we finally set a dim level per light in Routines? This has been missing and wanted for a very long time.


What does the green vs blue on status indicate?


From what I can tell, at least with my devices, is that an in-wall device like a GE switch that does nothing but turn on/off, it shows up green. Any device like a Smart Plug that also reports energy usage shows up blue. Bulbs are also blue, and I have no idea why that would be. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what ST says about these changes.

(Wayne) #7

Definitely not liking the tiny text look…


You’re going on the wrong direction especially for those of us who are struggling with small text.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #8

I like the way the icons look now… No more cartoon icons.

(Realy Living Dream) #9

As one of those old blind folks, I think the 2.3 text & icons are actually crisper & easier to actually read.

(Bobby) #10

I can finally see my inputs on the AVR. Nice work no more jumping text…

[WITHDRAWN] Denon Network AV Receivers

I agree. Nice to see pages refresh with the text and icons in the correct locations (no more jumping). I like the new layout.

(Dr. Mom) #12

Interesting, on the Add a thing page there’s now a comment about adding an Echo. There’s no echo listed in addable devices (similar to adding a Google Home). I’m wondering if it’s a

  1. Typo
  2. Inactivated feature
  3. Someone confused the smartapp with a device

(Realy Living Dream) #13

Nice catch.
Can we all dream that it is because we will soon be able to send commands to Alexa devices ?

On an Alexa related note. While I haven’t tried YET, in Alexa ST app it still says Good night, Good bye routines are disabled because they include locking the doors.

(Bob) #14

Yes, other than this, the new app is an across the board positive step. Unfortunately, this one negative is huge. Also, I’m now getting an error trying to back-up app data:

Please ask the Android development team to fix these two items.

(Bernie H) #15

My text sixes are all over the place. Some devices it’s tiny and almost unreadable, others it’s huge and pushes info off the tile into no where land.

(Dean Smith) #16

Just wondering… Wheres the “Add a Thing” button gone??

EDIT: IE: not one thats in the list? One that you have to scan for…

EDIT 2: Found it!

(Calvin Flood) #17

Your setup is awesome, can you control your devices from the ST app?

(Bobby) #18

Join the discussion here…

(Wayne) #19

This happens when an android dev does not reference the dpi for displaying fonts.

(Michael Beatty) #20

I’m looking at a similar discussion on reddit /r/smartthings.

People are reporting things like a zwave relay and the harmony hub showing as blue.

Would like to hear a definitive answer on this.